Saturday, September 01, 2012

From Any Window

The lovely and gracious lady who stopped by the farm last week was Lorraine K. Vail from Arizona. She grew up on a farm along the Hudson River here in New York State and her family has been a great influence in the world of purebred dairy cattle.

 I think that she will be an influential writer as well.

The book she gave me during her visit was From Any Window. As it happens, with the construction and the fair, the library is suddenly ten thousand miles away rather than a couple and new fodder for reading is scarce (although Becky works hard to keep me supplied.) I began reading it the very night she left it here. 

I can think a dozen superlatives to describe the story...gripping, intense, beautiful yet painful, full of light and darkness like life truly can be. The story of a farm family covering their small joys, great tragedies, animals, food, all the aspects of country life was appealing and very, very real.

I found myself mourning poor lost Lassiebell, a Jersey heifer that perished in a barn fire, as if I had known her. The people felt like neighbors, friends, even sometimes family, so believable and engaging were they.

Lorraine captured the essence of farming, within the framework of family life, in a manner that should appeal to anyone, even if they are not involved in the industry. This is a book I will read again and one that I think about often as I go about the day. Thanks, Lorraine, for bringing it all the way across America.

You can find From Any Window here.


Cathy said...

Marianne . . thanks for the review . . we are out of state and with others and i'll be slow to comment . . . but will be catching up.

threecollie said...

cathy, hope you are having a great trip. The book was pretty amazing. I will certainly read it again and meeting the author was a special delight