Friday, September 14, 2012

Hogs without Harleys

Previous piggies here at the farm

But still on the highway. Kudos to the men who captured that big old hog on the Northway yesterday. Having been on the business end of corralling pigs that didn't wanna be, I think they did a heck of a job getting the beast off the highway and into that trailer. 

Northview pig loading-Rube Goldberg style

They got it done with only a reasonable amount of fuss, and nobody, including the hog, got hurt, which is worthy of respect all around. When the boss's pigs got out and ran through the cows a couple of times you would swear murder and mayhem was going on. It was never much fun to put them on a trailer either.

****Note to the nice commenter who kept calling it "she". You should prolly go back to biology 101 or take a closer look at the photos. Unlike with little kitty cats, with big boar hogs gender is pretty obvious.
*****Note to certain news folks. Pig did not look or sound frightened to me....outraged, furious, and ready to rend and tear the folks trying to catch it, yes, but scared, not so much.

Pig at the fair a couple years ago

Here are a couple of good stories on the affair:

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