Thursday, September 06, 2012

If You Can Help

Way back when I first ventured to think that maybe I should write a farm blog, Rosemoon Mecho was the first other blogger to give me a link. At lot of water under that bridge downtown and a lot of posts since that day, but we've kept in touch Internet-style ever since.

A few weeks ago disaster struck Rose's family in the form of serious health problems for her husband, Charles. You can read about it here.

Friends have set up a fund raiser for them and I have placed a link in the sidebar. I am sure any help would be appreciated.


Cathy said...

Heading for the sidebar.
There are days . . . when the burdens people bear seem so great, and I know life isn't fair . . but sometimes the tragedies just feel so wrong , so heartbreakingly wrong.

Recently - and maybe it's my autumn mood - there just seems to be so much pain out there.

threecollie said...

Cathy, thank you. I have felt the same way. So much heartbreak for so many families. It makes me shudder. Although yesterday at the picnic was a delight, seeing people we love yet see too rarely, we heard so many heart rending stories about friends and their was very sobering. And I have followed the Mechos for so long, I feel as if we have actually met, though we haven't.