Monday, September 10, 2012

The Shallow End of the Pool

This movie review is making the rounds here in the region of "... the pure hell and suffocation of Schenectady and those Siberian environs...I've been up there and it's awful so don't tell me."(Jeffrey Wells is the thoughtful and generous reviewer quoted here and below. You can just tell that he is a big fan of Upstate NY.)

As well you might imagine, local folks are taking it just a tad amiss. See, besides denigrating the region in general, the reviewer also had some thoughts on the folks around here, and on rural folks in general. 

"I also felt that Mendes and Byrne are too hot to live in Schenectady. Beauty almost always migrates to the big cities where the power and the security lie, and in my experience the women who reside in blue-collar hell holes like Schenectady are far less attractive as a rule."


There's more....go read if you can stand it.... Personally I always saw cities as something that was built on top of beauty, generally ruining it for all time, so folks had to invent things to look at so they wouldn't notice the lack.


I just finished peeling some potatoes for dinner. One of them was kind of fancy, heart-shaped and neat-looking as compared to the plain old red-neck potatoes that made up the rest of the bunch. I thought maybe it should migrate to the city where it would fit in better, being so extra-beautiful and all, far more attractive than regular potatoes in some rural pure hell and suffocation area.

But, wouldn't you know, it was rotten in the center. 



joated said...

"But, wouldn't you know, it was rotten in the center."

In that case it would fit right in with "The City."

Jan said...

Great, great metaphor!!!

Rev. Paul said...

+1 to what Jan said!

Cathy said...

Ditto everyone above :)

(I see the bird silhouetted in the tree. Nice.)

threecollie said...

Joated, I really shouldn't have paid any attention to his little puddle of drivel but....

Jan, thanks, it seemed so fitting to read that tripe, then find that spud. lol

Rev. Paul, thanks, as I said to Joated, I should have just ignored it, but it just irritated me.

Cathy, thanks, a crow that perches in the far hedgerow at the edge of the old horse pasture.