Thursday, September 06, 2012

There's a Blue Moon over Northview

And a cardinal chinking in the side yard and a robin on the long lawn with thick, blind fog creeping in from all over.

 It has been crazy busy, as it always is, since the fair ended. Tis the season when you run around all day doing stuff and at the end of the day you wonder what you did.

A nice surprise just at dusk yesterday though. The little red truck rumbled up the driveway. Our boy is laid off again. Hard on his wallet but nice for those of us who like having him around.

I dreamed of weapons last night...prolly because of the varmint proliferation around the place and the moose video from Vermont. I have always looked closely at the woods and swamps when we drive thought the Dacks, watching for my first wild moose. After seeing this I am going to look the other way or something.

And I have to laugh at the response to the study by Stanford University that found no significant differences between organic foods and conventionally raised foods (except price of sure can find a difference there). People instantly reacted with howls that it is still better for you. It is! It is! Science-pah, what's that mean? Can't let a little thing like that change your mind.

It reminds me of the whole eggs-bacon-milk-cheese-beef steak, name your food- will kill you thing. After activists get done destroying the market for wholesome foods, those pesky old scientists come along and debunk all those theories. Too late. Everybody knows better now. And boy, will they tell you so. At least around here organic produce tends to be far lower quality, damaged vegetables, tasteless, or even nasty tasting dairy products. I avoid them.


Rev. Paul said...

that's a beautiful shot of the moon.

Jan said...

Organic food may not be the biggest scam, but it's close to the top.

Terry and Linda said...

Terry and I never could figure out organic, true organic is raised in a test tube.

Your moon shot is outstanding!

Gosh, that poor moose had brain worms...I'll bet he was eating organic.

Ooops! Sorry!


Terry and Linda said...

Do you have wolverines there?


threecollie said...

Rev Paul, thanks! I was coming down stairs and saw it from the landing. Ran right out in my bathrobe and bare feet to catch it before it sank below the ridge pole. lol

Jan, simply mind-boggling how people buy into the hype. I am careful to buy American grown food if I can and NY grown if the choice is available. I leave the organic right alone unless there is no other choice. to each his own I guess though...if they want to pay more, more power to them.

Linda, thanks, lol, I am sure folks who live where there are moose have seen attacks like that, but that is the worst I have ever seen. Makes the folks snuggling up to the one that showed up in Fonda a few years ago look either brave or foolish. We heard it was there and stayed right home. No wolverines, thank God! Do you get them where you are?

Cathy said...

Ahahaaa!! Yeah. I'd have run down the stairs barefoot and out into the yard, too - to catch that incredible picture.
Honestly Marianne . . I'll see some shot I want to get and come running through a room knocking over furniture to grab my camera. . it drives folks nuts.

threecollie said...

Cathy, same here. They don't even look up any more when they see me running for the camera. And the sky moves so fast! You think you have time to let the dog out before the sun jumps up, but you never, ever do.

Cathy said...

" . the sky moves so fast . '

i missed a lifetime shot Saturday.

Flying into Detroit . .

Late in the day, shafts of sun coming through broken clouds . .

A shaft hits a distant very localized rain shower . . . the entire shower blooms into a prism . . . not a rainbow . . a three dimensional prism.

My camera was under the seat.

Too late. I don't know how rare a phenomenon it was . . . but I know I'll never see its likes again.

Had I had that danged camera in my lap . .

{{Expletive!}} Thanks for letting me unload - I know you understand :)

threecollie said...

cAthy, I cannot imagine how frustrated you must have been. Wish you had been able to catch it because I sure would have liked to see it. Life is so ephemeral in so many ways. At least it is good to appreciate it as it flies by.