Saturday, September 29, 2012

This Says it All


Alouise said...

They do look happy!

Cathy said...

Happy Day!
Happy couple!
Happy Mom!
Thank you for letting us share :)

lisa said...

They sure do go together!

Rev. Paul said...


dickiehaha said...


June said...

Oh happy day!
Best wishes to the happy newlyweds.

And I have to tell you: it is SO NICE to see people getting married without all the SHOW! The professional makeup, the Brides magazine cover-worthy gown... The point of the day was the marriage and that's a blessing.

threecollie said...

Mom, I was amazed at what a wonderful job they did putting on their own wedding...and they were so very happy, weren't they?

Cathy, thank was a lovely wedding, despite the gloomy weather and the rain behaved itself for most of the day.

Dickibo, indeed. lol

June, thanks. They did it all themselves, with the help of the groom's friends and family. We just brought cookies and cole slaw and showed up and had a good time. I liked it too.

Woodswalker said...

May God grant this wonderful couple a long and happy life together. You never told us, but is this your own dear daughter?

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

They look so happy! And I have to agree with June, it's nice to see a wedding without all the ridiculous expenditures.

Best wishes to the happy couple!

NumberWise said...

What a wonderful photo! I just have to smile when I look at it.

I, too, heartily applaud the style of their wedding. Best wishes to them.

threecollie said...

WW, thank you! And yes, this is Elizabeth, our oldest child...not a child any more I guess, but you always think of them that way. It was a lovely wedding

Nita, thanks, it was amazing how well they put together a lovely and moving wedding with absolutely incredible food, on a shoe string budget. I was proud of them

NW, thanks, me too. They laughed all through the ceremony, with a few tears included so you knew that they really cared. It was a pretty amazing affair.