Monday, September 24, 2012


We have a wedding this week. My head is already spinning even though I am only responsible for cookies, which I have made so many times I don't need a recipe.

It is cold and foggy and muddy. It is not nice to milk muddy cows. And it is cold.Did I mention the cold?

The days are getting short, fast....grump, grump, grump.....

So I am begging for help, please, please, please.

 I need a topic for this week's Farm Side. Gotta crank out a thousand words by Wednesday noon on something farm-related. My boss is extremely generous in interpreting what constitutes farm-related btw. From greasing the mow elevator the the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to the dog having puppies in the car and the potential for opening an amusement park with mud wrestling, it has all been done over the years and accepted for publication. I could take a week off but I hate to.

Been at it since 98 and sometimes I just come up blank....right now is one of those sometimes. I do believe the fog in my brain is ramping up to match the fog in the back yard....thanks in advance.


wetdryvac said...

1) Morning routine - tea, coffee, breakfast food, stove type?
2) How to approach a cow without getting kicked.
3) Physical aspects of the work.
4) Field management techniques - pasture rotation, seeding, etc.
5) Path of milk to consumer.
6) On-the-job civility - how to be polite to a farmer.
7) Vehicle maintenance.
8) Dealing with escaped animals.
9) Transportation of animals.
10) Cow end-of-life / end-of-milk options.
11) Happy cows?
12) How fields and times of year change flavor of milk.
13) Working dogs and other working social animals.
14) End of day comforts.

Dani said...

I like #12 and #14

Susan said...

IDEA #1...You could do a written colage with bits of this and that. Preface it with the fact that you have come up blank so you've decided to prints highlights of interesting moments from the past. Then ASK your readers what they want to hear about. Let them know you will appreciate leads for future articles.

IDEA #2...Write something with a harvest theme. Go back in time to Grandma's kitchen and the special goodies she made at harvest time (apples, pumpkins, squash, gourds, indian corn decor, etc.).

IDEA #3...How do farm animals react to cold? How do farmers prepare/protect them from cold? What are the best proven methods? Show a checklist of "prepare for winter" steps. (You may save the life of a cow.)

Paintsmh said...

You could just write about the insanity of a farm kids wedding...Cause yeah its insane!

Earl said...

You could write about the Congress and Daylight Savings Time being the perfect example of fool legislation which only sounds good but doesn't really affect the amount of daylight anywhere, just the illusion of power of the perception...

Keith Wilson said...

September colors:

September palate is a month filled with shades of yellow, orange, and red.
Ripe pumpkins in the fields,
The faded yellow corn waiting to be picked
The muted golden fields of beans
Red and yellow apples, scattered on the ground and hanging from trees
The low orange autumn sun
And the blazing leaves in yellow, orange, and red.
September's palate....

Alouise said...

I like the idea of a wedding on the farm. Not everyone has one you know.
Love Mom

NumberWise said...

You could write about why you don't have time, energy, ideas, motivation, peace, or desire to write this week - y'know, a brief snapshot of your day, but remember your word limit.

Cathy said...

I'm late to this and relieved.
I'm awed by the great ideas people have contributed.

It is a great mystery to me. And humbling . . how you work as you do and still manage to keep your writing fresh, alive -sparkling.

I know we don't need to tell you to take some deep breaths and allow yourself to 'be' on that special day.

threecollie said...

WDV, thank you! these are exactly what I need.

Dani, I am going to use some of them. they are excellent.

Susan, thank you for these excellent ideas. I am going to incorporate some of them, pretty much as you suggest in number one.

Paints, after 8 batches of cookies, believe me, I have notices. lol

Earl, I have actually hit that one quite a few times over the years as I really, really hate the darned time change no matter which direction. Makes Arizona look good!

Keith, that is lovely! thanks

Mom, I figure I will do that one after it is over and I have a chance to see what it is like. Love you too

NW, lol, yeah, that would about be true.

Cathy, as it gets is kind of intimidating, but I am sure we will all get through it somehow. Thanks