Saturday, September 08, 2012

What's up with This

A single crow is pumping northward across an awakening sky, along the edge of a bright pink cloud band, passing a jet trail by. Twittering from the hedgerow, sleepy, lazy tweets. (I wonder if they are on Facebook yet, those little woodland twits.) 

The sun's not up, but the farmer is. Cats fed, the old dog aired and fueled up for the day, coffee made, computer humming, kitchen picked up and ready for come what may.

But it's barely light at 6 AM

What's up with this whole dark-when-it-should-be-daylight thing anyhow?

Where is that blasted sun? I can't get used to getting up and getting all morninged up before he bestirs his lazy self and rises.



Caroline said...

"PETER RABBIT sat in the old stone wall along one side of Farmer Brown's orchard, waiting for Mrs. Moon to put out her light and leave the world in darkness until jolly, round, red Mr. Sun should kick off his rosy bedclothes and begin his daily climb up in the blue, blue sky." Thornton W. Burgess
jolly, round, red Mr. Sun gets to be a late sleeper this time of year!

Rev. Paul said...

I'm always saddened when I get up at my normal 5 a.m. and discover that the sun is no longer up before me. That's the first sign of winter, here, although them's fightin' words to most Alaskans. :)

farmlady said...

And I can't wait for the sun to become a distant, cooler orb here in the California foothills.I wait for the dark mornings and cold weather. I guess we all have our preferences and I know that our weather is so different. Summer is long here, Winter is long for you.
Enjoy every ray of sunshine.

lisa said...

I sure miss the sun already too!

Floridacracker said...

Here! He's here!

Terry and Linda said...

I hate getting up in the dark...and like you...we are! I so love the sun. Sigh


Cathy said...

What a great group of commenters!

I'll merely add my "Dagnabbit!"

threecollie said...

Caroline, I grew up on Burgess...thanks!

Rev. Paul, short days really lay me low. I wouldn't last long much farther north than this.

Farm Lady, I can certainly understand how you feel if it is really hot there. We don't get a huge amount of real hot weather, although this summer was warmer than most. We sure do get winter though. lol

Lisa, I hate getting up in the dark...and now we are going to need flashlights to come in at night too...

FC, send him back! lol

Linda, I like to watch the sunrise from the front porch, but now I have to get to work before it bothers to get up.

Cathy, I'll echo that yet again. Bah!