Thursday, October 25, 2012


White-breasted nuthatch

I know, I know, I am supposed to write about dairy farming, but birds are close to my heart. And on the farm it's the same old, same old. Feed the cows, milk the cows, pay the bills, then do it all again. Not that I mind it or anything, but there isn't much new to say about it.

However, a Facebook friend in Western NY says evening grosbeaks are turning up in banding traps out there. I haven't seen one in years so maybe this bodes well for the Christmas bird count.

A red-breasted nuthatch showed up on our feeder tree this morning. Haven't seen one in a while....well, we usually see them on the Christmas bird count, but not here in my honey locust tree.

We also are seeing purple finches every day and getting yellow-rumped warblers in the shrubbery. Thousands of red-winged blackbirds are hanging around, as noisy as if it were spring. I am pretty sure I just saw a few dozen horned larks fly over with a flock of them. I'll be keeping my eyes open. Not that horned larks are uncommon, but to count them from the backyard would be something.

I am wondering if this will be a winter for irruptions and interesting birds. So far it is looking that way.

Holy cow, holy cow!!! A whole flock of pine siskins at the feeder now. This is one crazy year!


Woodswalker said...

Marianne, you ALWAYS find something new and amazing to say about farming. But birds are good, too.

Cathy said...

Wow! is right.

And Horned Larks? I've never had them close. That's sweet.
Can't get over your Purple Finches.

It has been a ton of years since I've seen an Evening Grosbeak.

ellie k said...

I love the same ole same ole of farming, clew and the family. I like the birds too though.

ellie k said...

I mean cows not clew.

ellie k said...

I mean cows not clew.

threecollie said...

WW, thank you! I find the farm interesting each day even after all these years, but sometimes it is hard to know if others do.

Cathy, Didn't get a positive ID, but I am pretty sure. Just a little smaller than the red winged black birds, flying north in the same flocks, jingling call that was just right. I may just count them. We haven't had grosbeaks in years either, but if they are being seen on the south-western border with PA we may get them. I'm hoping

Ellie K, thanks, I love the farm, birds are like frosting on my daily cake. lol