Thursday, October 25, 2012


A busy bunch of pine siskins took over the yard for a bit. Surely the earliest I have ever seen them. They were stupid-tame and snugged right up for photographs. Hope they are not predictors of the weather to come.


Rev. Paul said...

I don't know about your side of the continent, but over here on the extreme other side, the indicators are for a very cold winter. We're already running 15 degrees cooler than normal, and there's more snow in the forecast.

Stay warm, ma'am.

Woodswalker said...

Pine Siskins! We had an irruption of gazillions of them a couple of winters ago, and they out-competed the Goldfinches at the birdfeeders. But then, toward the end of winter, many got sick and died. So sad. Now I clean the feeders once a week.

Ruth said...

Yah, been seeing them here too....

Cathy said...

I had a TON of 'em in central Ohio! OK. Maybe just a couple dozen . . . but . . Wow.


PS. just read Woods walker's comment.
Sheesh. I hope you weren't blaming yourself. Things just happen.

June said...

Those little birdies look HUNGRY!

Terry and Linda said...

Those are pretty little birds. I saw three blue jays was a delight!


threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, our resident former wild life student blames low feed in the mountains to the north, but I have a bad winter comin' kind of feeling. Hope not.

WW, I get them often in winter but this sure is early. sorry about your die off but these things happen

Ruth, they were a major surprise for me, so early in they year. They cleaned my feeder in a few hours.

Cathy, just one junco here too. Alan saw him the other day. Seems early, but Alan thinks it is drought related...not enough food in the northern mountains. I couldn't believe how tame they were. Like chickens!

June, they were...emptied the feeder in a few hours...usually lasts two or three days,

Linda, do you have stellers or regular blue jays? I have only seen stellers once-a big thrill for me and life list material for sure.