Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Good Morning

From gloomy Northview. This would be post was interrupted by the need to remove a tick from a bone-headed dog. He discovered that old ladies who worked in a veterinarian's office for eight years still have it when it comes to holding dogs still. He didn't enjoy the discovery but.....the tick is gone.


June said...

I believe that Angus and MiMau both have ticks on them. Dog ticks, not deer ticks. I can't find my tick remover and I need help to ease out the things with tweezers. Guess they'll all wait until Husband comes home from his trip.

lisa said...

I tried finding our tick remover and couldn't find it. We do have the faithful dish soap! Looks like Alan is hard at work!

Cathy said...

Ewwwww . . . I hates 'em . . those little bloodsuckers. Ewwwwwwww !!!!

Cathy said...

PS. That's one handsome lad splitting that pretty decent chunk of tree.

Shirley said...

Since I have lived at this current place,no ticks- bonus! Peppermint oil will back them out in a hurry.
No more splitting wood for me, my husband just built a log splitter but if I had a strappin' youngster like that around, I'd have him splitting wood too.

joated said...

Like I said at my place, the Tick Twister tick remover ( a great job. Got it at Agway.

Ruth (aka Scary Yankee Chick also mentioned it in a comment to me. Her comment and my purchase happened to cross paths--I had bought it before I saw her comment--but it was nice to have confirmation from someoneelse.

threecollie said...

June, they are horrendous this year! but since a buck and doe ran right through the yard fifteen feet from the house this morning I suppose we shouldn't be too surprised.

Lisa, yup, yup, keeping us warm and dry. I have to get one of those tick removers. The tweezers on my Swiss army knife are useless.

Cathy, I am phobic about them, so of course they are turning up right next to the house. And thanks, we like him pretty well. Gotta get him a new axe handle though.

Shirley, OMG, where are you!?!? I swear I would move to get away from them. We actually have an excellent wood splitter that runs off the tractor. However, we only have one functional tractor at this point and it is engaged in chopping and hauling feed.

Joated, I just happened to read your post on it. We are going to keep an eye out for one. The tweezers on my Swiss army knife are not up to the job.