Friday, October 26, 2012

Ready for Sandy?

Hard to know whether you are ready or not. The obvious things, such as bottled water and bathroom tissue can be taken care of today. We live high on a hill, out of reach of most of the effects of flooding, although too much water interferes with our ability to green chop for the cows. During previous floods our road has closed early and often so we must plan on that happening again this time.

Loss of power is a major issue. We need to be able to extract the milk from the cows, promptly twice a day, and need to cool that milk. If the cows are not milked, best case scenario, they will dry off and stop giving milk. Worst case they will sicken and die.

Hand milking is a last ditch, bare possibility. We don't have as many cows as we used to...too many sold for taxes and such over the past few years. However even milking just one high producer by hand would be a painful experience I don't care to enjoy, especially with the acute arthritis in my thumbs. I'd do it if I had to mind you, but I don't want to have to. 

The cows wouldn't like it either. They don't like change, including change from their accustomed machines to clutching human claws.

Thus we ordered a load of diesel for today so we can keep the tractor running and use the generator if we must. We have enough hay in the mow, although we don't want to be feeding our winter supply now, and we just got a load of grain. Of course it is delivered from bin to barn by an electric auger, but the generator will take care of that, or there is a plate on the bottom of the bin for clean out from which we can extract feed if need be.

Other than that all we can do is wait. Wish the boss could get the second forage wagon fixed so he could have two loads of chopped feed ready, but I guess that is not to be.

We will hold good thoughts for our friends and neighbors in low-lying lands, who lost so much last year in the flooding. At least the canal corporation is taking action early and lowering the river, first to barely navigable levels, and then even lower. They are warning folks to get their boats out. Now if Gilboa holds and is managed for the good of the downstream folks instead of for NYC maybe the area will be okay.


joated said...

Current path is showing her (Sandy) going inland around Cape May, NJ and heading up through central PA. Which is far too close to home for me!

Still, I've got a full five gallon tank of gas, a generator, chainsaw (with plenty of oil), a 500 gal cistern of water, and no particular place to go...I feel like I'm ready.

The Dancing Donkey said...

I am so hoping it jut veers out to sea. A third bad flood in this area will just just be the end of so many folks...

Rev. Paul said...

For your sake, I hope the forecast model is wrong, and the thing turns back out to sea.

Linda said...

Stay safe....sounds like you're at least prepared.

Wally Jones said...

You'll be in our thoughts. We got lucky here in west Florida, hope the same happens for the rest of the country. Sandy needs to head east!

Jan said...

It sounds like you are prepared for the worst. We're sending prayers that the worst never comes.

Cathy said...

You're in our thoughts and prayers. What a year.
That thumb arthritis . .. I share your pain, literally. It's just tough wringing out a scrub cloth . . can't imagine what milking requires.

threecollie said...

Joated, it does look like it may be headed for you. Will hold good thoughts

Dancing Donkey, no one needs this, that's for sure. They seem to be backing off a bit on what is going to happen right here, but time will tell.

Rev. Paul, thanks, now they are not calling for quite as much here, high winds and some flooding, but I worry about places to the south

Linda, as well as we can I guess, thanks

Wally, thanks, will be glad when it is over.

jan, thanks!

Cathy, thank you. Messed up thumbs seem to run in my family. Used have hands like iron. Now more like noodles.,