Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Some friends recently gave us a gigantic neck pumpkin.....sort of the equivalent of a butternut squash on steroids, with a major curl. It is so large that it can barely be contained on our largest cookie sheet for baking.

I figure after it bakes and I clean it out of its skin and mash it and freeze it, I will have enough squash for three or four good Thanksgiving dinners and maybe a couple of evening side dishes as well. We love winter squash with butter and maple syrup. We will not run out any time soon.

I saved some seeds.


Rev. Paul said...

What time's dinner, again? :^)

joated said...

Put out two extra settings for Paul and me. ;-)

Cathy said...

Squash sounds scrumptious . . . but that picture . . . I double-cicked it . . . it's truly lovely.

NumberWise said...

I'm with Cathy on this one. Glad you have the squash and all that...but the picture! I love it. I studied it for quite a while and finally figured it out, but it really doesn't need any explanation. It's amazing how you and your camera can turn ordinary things into such pleasing photos.

threecollie said...

REv. Paul, I froze most of it for later, but I did enjoy a great big bowlful. It sure was good!

joated, Thanksgiving maybe. lol

Cathy, thanks, Alan and I were out for warblers in the bushes around the house and I just thought that the lettuce looked neat through the window.

NW. thank you, just some plants from outside, through the big window. We were after warblers. lol