Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bambi, Screech Owls, and Snowflakes

Red-neck reinforced bird watching portal

Went shopping with Alan after chores last night. The air was full of screech owls, like little red and grey paper airplanes shooting through the dark. I kept trying to really see one before it was past, but they were just too swift.

The roads were lined with Bambis. It was nerve-wracking running down the highway waiting for one to jump at the truck.

They didn't but still.....

Then at midnight the storm hit. It was as windy as Sandy, just didn't last as long. The yard is full of stuff that didn't blow around during that storm but did last night.

And I did something to my foot and didn't sleep at all last night, which is why I can tell you exactly what time each thing happened.

It is snowing now. Erk.


Shirley said...

Sorry about the foot. Sleepless nights are a great time for reflection-if you're not in too much pain!
we have a pair of barn owls here that are vying with the ravens for dominance of the prime roosting/nesting spots in the pole shed rafters. They delighted my husband a couple of evenings ago with some aerial acrobatics as he was heading out to the shop.

Rev. Paul said...

You're welcome to send the snow up here. Strangely, we don't have enough to keep pipes from bursting, and could use it.

Terry and Linda said...

Gosh! Your foot, again! Is it broke, do you think?

Wally Jones said...

I'd send you a bit of our sunshine and warmth if I could!

Cathy said...

That red-neck reinforced bird watching portal! You're a hoot!!

We had a huge buck spring across a 4-lane highway this PM . . just yards ahead.

I haven't seen a screech owl in years!

Is your foot OK? . . . . cause if your feet hurt - you hurt all over. Dang.

lisa said...

It was pretty nasty here last night and this morning. Hope your ankle is ok.

Caroline said...

Bambis, their sisters, cousins, aunts, big brothers, mothers, fathers, uncles, and in-laws are everywhere around here. Both muleys and white-tails, determined to either wreck your car or give you heart failure when they dash out.

threecollie said...

Shirley, thanks, it is so frustrating! I envy your barn owls. They used to be common right around here, but I haven't seen one in decades!

Rev. Paul, would if I could. It didn't last long, but it sure came down hard! The aurora showed its lovely face here last night, but I was asleep and missed it.

Linda, I don't think I broke it, but I suspect I slipped a bone out of place a bit.

Wally, ah, thanks! We are having a pretty nice day today and we sure are enjoying it!

Cathy, lol, I HAVE to put plastic on the kitchen windows so we don't freeze. Last winter I couldn't watch the bird feeder the whole winter. This year I improvised.

Lisa, thanks, it mostly hurts at night, which is beyond annoying.

Caroline, I used to love to see deer. but what with the ticks, Lyme disease, and the danger on the roads I am not quite as fond any more.