Saturday, November 24, 2012

Catchin' Up

Old Blondie...finally

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was nice although we had to chase a cow and a heifer that got out. I would have much preferred to stay in my Sunday chair sleeping over my book.

They are in stalls in the barn where they will stay for now. I went up in the dark to jury rig the fence and couldn't even find where they got out. Deer had been in the electric again, darn it and tore out a big strip though. I couldn't fix that as I was armed only with a stick and some baling twine.

It was kinda neat out there in the dark. Lots of rustling and creaking in the shrubbery to make me think!

Yesterday some of the clan want shopping, some of the clan went hunting, one went to an off farm job and I stayed home and put on a nice audio book from this site to listen to while I did housework. I chose The Secret Garden, which I have read dozens of times, but you surely get a different feel for a book hearing it read aloud. No skipping whole paragraphs as you do if you are a habitual speed reader. Sure makes the time fly by.

Then about when I was done with my indoor chores I looked over to where Liz's retired show cow, Blitz, was hanging around the barnyard for the day.

Oops, there were feet! Not just her own four, but two other long, skinny, white ones protruding from her posterior. I didn't want to bother her so I checked her every now and then from the window. About a half an hour later there was a huge white calf with her.

Little did I know that the boss had had to help her deliver.....he did so in between my checks and I never even saw him.

The baby is a nice heifer by Stouder Morty and Liz is very pleased. I believe that she named it Cruise.

From Liz's phone
Alan and his friends went deer hunting but only got a coyote. We seem to be overrun with does this year and no one has a doe tag so they are getting a pass.Truth be told, I haven't seen a buck at all since mid-summer, although no doubt they are out there. 

Anyhow, have a good weekend and enjoy that leftover turkey.


Rev. Paul said...

Your day makes me nostalgic for the farmland where I used to hunt for whitetail, and summers on Grandpa's farm as a boy.

Thank you - again - for sharing your life and surrounds with us.

Cathy said...

Amazing the day to day dramas you take in stride . . . from deer/coyote hunting to the appearance of Liz's new heifer .

All in day's work . .


Terry and Linda said...

Looks like one of those regular coyotes...You also have those HUGE, calf-sized ones. Is there a hunting season for those also?


Caroline said...

The Secret Garden is one of my favorite re-reads too! Your hunters may have the buck white-tails that steal pumpkins off the front porch (see blog from a couple days ago).

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, I am glad you enjoy them. Thanks for reading along!

cathy, lol, they are exciting to us too. The boys have been hunting that coyote for years. Of course she has half a dozen grown pups at least, so there are plenty more where she came from.

Linda, she was bigger than she looks in the pic and we think she is the mother of all the giants. They are all genetically the same dog, so all in season at the same time. Alan thinks they have some golden retriever blood and a few years back there was a horrible pack of huge, very hairy black ones that nearly killed a neighbor's pony in broad daylight! Thank heavens for passers by who stopped and saved the poor thing.

Caroline, I loved those pics! Absolutely incredible! I wish our guys could get one like that as we are out of beef just now. lol