Monday, November 19, 2012

Getting Smart

Sisters....with cookies!

My brother and some clever cousins came up with the idea of having an early, pot luck, Thanksgiving, for as many of the family as could make it.

Then they all went into action.

They rented a firehouse. They compiled an incredible photo retrospective of my grandparents, all of their children, as many of their children's children as they could gather. They handed out CDs to all and sundry, so each of us has the best of all the other's photo albums. That brought some tears I'll tell you!

It was all beautiful. The food was don't find a meal like that in a restaurant. Everybody brought some specialty and Matt and Lisa used the cooker from the wedding to make pork and turkey.I brought butterscotch cookies and homemade cranberry sauce...It was cool to sample specialties from other people's holidays, many of which I had never tasted before.

You guys are brilliant! What a party! And now, we can all do our smaller Thanksgivings, with warm and fuzzy happiness at having spent an afternoon with the whole clan in fine fellowship. 



Dani said...

What a wonderful early Thanksgiving!

Cathy said...

OK. That was brilliant.

Our family could use this idea!

And the CD idea! Wow. I'll bet you saw pictures you didn't know existed. Lovely. Lovely.

Sandcastle Momma said...

What a wonderful idea! Sounds like a perfect way to spend time with family and I love the CD idea!!

Rev. Paul said...

A stroke of genius, indeed. Those darned kids will surprise us again and again - and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Alouise said...

Yes, it was a wonderful time! I certainly seeing everyone, and the ones that couldn't make it are watching the photos on facebook! Love you. Mom

Terry and Linda said...

That's really cool! A wonderful idea and not one person had to do ALL the cooking but special parts of the feast!


Earl said...

Where is that like button? Great idea!

threecollie said...

Dani, it was super!

Cathy, you are exactly right about the CD. I will surely treasure it. There was even a photo of one of the two first dogs in my life, Kippy, so I could show the kids how she looked.

SC Momma, my cousin spent 80 hours compiling it. What a treasure!

Rev. Paul, it was great. I am the oldest cousin on both sides and I was so impressed by the efforts of some of the younger ones, including my younger brother, in getting the next couple of generations together with all us older and middle aged folks before everyone wanders too far in their lives to ever reconnect. Great idea!

Linda, sometimes I didn't even know what i was eating but it sure was good! Four generations all together if I am counting right. What fun!

Earl, i have to give my brother and my cousins credit. They are pulling our family together by the scruffs of our necks if necessary and making sure everybody knows everybody else. Good work on their part.