Thursday, November 01, 2012

It Happens Every Time

Or at least it often has. I wasn't even going to attempt the Farm Side yesterday. Too much week for the number of days available to put stuff in.

However, I had what I thought was a sorta clever idea while setting up calf milk in the barn yesterday morning. My brothers, cousins, and I grew up on stories of a horrible hurricane that trapped my father and grandfather on Long Island, where they were working in an engine plant, and wrecked NYC.

I would write the story as if it were happening if it were Sandy...and then segue into the actual recent storm, for a comparison that would be stronger because at first I didn't explain which hurricane I was describing.

I even called Mom and Dad and interviewed them for details and asked the boss about it. He is four years older than I and actually remembers it. I was two at the time.

The hurricane was Carol in 1954.

I felt pretty self-satisfied when I was done and submitted it.

Then last night on Fox News O'Reilly or somebody like that...I was reading Winter of the World (which is btw, well-written and riveting) and not paying any attention...compared Sandy to several hurricanes in the early fifties, including Carol.

Dagnabbit. By the time mine runs on Friday it will be an old story. Is this an example of fools thinking alike or the other thing? Dunno, anyhow, it has happened a dozen times with farm magazines too. I have to laugh.


Scott said...

You and O'Reilly? I say that's great minds thinking alike!

joated said...

What Scott said.

Shirley said...

But at least you will have a more personal connection in your story.

Cathy said...

The other thing!
"Great Minds Moving Together" !

Dang! I see Scott beat me to it :(

Jan said...

Run it anyway,

People need to be reminded that severe weather has happened on the earth before Al Gore explained to us what was causing it.

Susan said...

Well, we all have storm stories that we love to repeat. I have childhood memories of being in the eye of hurricane Donna in 1960...

Donna was category 5 for awhile, and holds the record for retaining major hurricane status for the longest time.


Rev. Paul said...

While this morning's paper is full of "did global warming make Monster Storm Sandy more powerful?" stories, I'm remembering that there has been NO warming for 16 years now.

Great minds think alike, but small minds hang onto disproven theories like bulldogs.

Terry and Linda said...

Great Minds Think alike...that is the only answer!


Linda said...

Take heart, it WAS your idea even if other minds were thinking the same. You've a unique way of writing and yours WILL be better ;)

threecollie said...

Scott, thank you, cousin, lol

Joated, thank you too, sir

Shirley, and it was kind of fun to write.

Cathy, lol, thanks

Jan, I think it one brought the paper up. lol

Susan, those big storms sure are memorable! And your photographs, wow, they are amazing!

Rev. Paul, they sure do. It is sad that the news is no longer news, just hackneyed rhetoric.

Linda, thanks!

Linda P, thank you, I have to get the paper so I can see what the boss put on it for a title. lol