Friday, November 30, 2012

More Good Stuff

Frieland Ex-Spec Lemonade-8 years young

A whole lot about agriculture right here.


Breezey375 said...

One of the many named for Emerson Drive songs lol :P

Cathy said...

Sitting here with hubby after experiencing the crush of downtown Chicago for two days.

Glad to be outta there . . . but still - seems so lifeless in our living room right now.

And then I think how nice it must be to have those cows around. The warmth, the heft, the chewing and hub-bub. Just thinking.

threecollie said...

Beck, one of many indeed

Cathy, don't know how you could cope. I hate even going to the small cities around here. I have turned into a regular hermit. lol One of the nicest things I know is to stand at the end of the first lines of cows, after they are milked, after they are fed, after they are tucked in for the night, and just listen to them rustling through their hay and watch them eat. It is very companionable.