Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Mr. Stinky

Seen across the river yesterday

The boss met us at the milk house door last night with a silly grin on his face. (He went over first to let the cows down in to eat).

We wondered why he was smirking until he said, "Stick your heads in the barn."

And so we did. OMG! You could NOT breathe. Or at least not without gut-clenching, miserable, nose-rending disgust.

You know how there's been a skunk around lately annoying and worrying us? Well, I don't know if he had actually been in the cow stable or if he just left a calling card outside the old silo room door, but he sure had been somewhere nearby and he hadn't been discreet about his personal problem. 

The whole place reeked. We sent Becky to the house, after Alan made a short foray into the stable to turn on all the ventilation fans (turning the whole place into an icebox.) When he came out the aroma was clinging to him. She works in food service, so......

After maybe half an hour of the fan treatment you could stand it in the barn.

Sorta. I felt sorry for Liz, as the worst of it seemed to emanate from somewhere on her side of the place. It wasn't too awful on our side. I mean you could smell it and all, but it seemed to wax and wane like a stinky moon in our normally cow-scented universe.

I don't know why the darned thing is hanging around over there but I sure wish he would take a hint and move along. Meanwhile, it will soon be time to venture over and milk the cows again. I hope for fresher breezes. Maybe this cold snap will freeze his stinky parts.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Same here, a little or actually a lot glum in these parts.

Susan said...

"Freeze his stinky parts"... I love that!

Jan said...

The closest I've ever been to a skunk is driving by on the highway...for miles. I can only imagine what ground zero must be like.

Terry and Linda said...

GAG! Nothing makes a person want to throw up than smelling a nasty skunk UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!


Cathy said...

Thanks for the humor . . can sure use today.

Ed said...

Hee, Hee..Peppy Le Pew visits the Northview Dairy. Thanks for the giggle..:-)

threecollie said...

Nita, we are surprisingly calm, if very sad. I guess we have become accustomed to bad news and underdog status.

Susan, truly I wish he would...freeze them off I mean

Jan, gut-clogging, nose assaulting, just plain awful bad. lol

Linda, it's funny, in the very early spring a faint whiff, wafting on the breeze is a reminder of better things to come. But full force in your face is awful.

Cathy, ayup, we need something and a good laugh is about all we can afford.

Ed, we are surely hoping for a short visit. lol