Thursday, November 15, 2012

Not Border Collies I Guess

Just read in the news how some folks did a test to see if guard dogs actually guarded

Their conclusion was nope, they don't. Even though the dogs in question included pit bulls and Rotties, they didn't bite or attack, and some even tried to play. Many of those who commented pointed out potential flaws in the test, but the dogs were a resounding failure in repelling boarders. 

However, they didn't test border collies

People who have walked into our house uninvited, on at least one occasion bent on stealing from us, could probably attest that BC's are not adverse to biting first and asking questions later. Ditto English shepherds. My old Brandy dog, who was probably at least partly that breed, bit several people...all of them walked in uninvited...none of them did it twice.

You can read about one instance when Mike took care of things here.

Guess they should have tested the kind of dog that will face down a ton of bull or hundreds of sheep instead of city dogs.

And, dang I miss Mike.


Ruth said...

Shoulda tried a Lifestock Guardian Breed, like a Tibetan Mastiff....or maybe they shouldn't have. Their "burgler" might have gotten more than he agreed to!

Jan said...

I'm guessing they didn't test Chihuahuas either. I've had two that bit relatives who walked into the house while we were gone thinking the little rug rats were harmless.

Poodles, however, will point out where the family silver is located.

Terry and Linda said...

Yep...Fuzzy is a great guard dog!!!


Cathy said...

I'm just basking in the dog commentary, here. I love dogs. Miss my dogs.

threecollie said...

Ruth, i was not impressed by the survey at all. i have been saved from bad people by good dogs that did not cower on the couch.

Jan, I almost mentioned chihuahuas! I have been bitten by so many. lol

Linda, Fuzzy is a great dog and a wonderful writer to boot!

Cathy, I can't imagine being without them. What kind did you have?

Cathy said...

Oh dear . . Sootie was a collie something mix.

Blossom Lhasa Apso

Chowder . Kiva . . Goldens.

Wookie . . Wheaton terrier

Gawd. Miss them.

threecollie said...

Cathy, wonderful names and they sound like wonderful dogs. Wookie is so perfect for a Wheaten! lol As Nick slides down the back side of that inevitable hill I wonder if it is right for crippled old me to get another BC pup. They need so much and if it lives out its normal lifespan I will be so damned old by the time it is. On the other hand I can't imagine being without one and I am still pretty active. I dunno.

Cathy said...

Follow your heart . . ..:)