Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Yesterday was sure interesting. New calves born to Zulu and 171. Great fun out on the hill in the dark trying to get them all rounded up. Spent hours in between all the fun writing the Farm Side about camel dairying. (Sure a different industry than ours!)

 Then a mystery package came in the mail. No pics yet, but a Farm Side reader, someone I did not know before this, carved my name in beautiful cursive from a lovely piece of blond wood and mailed it to me. What a sweet and thoughtful surprise.I'll get a pic later when there's light.

Next a high speed chase spanning a lot of local territory popped up on Facebook. Isn't it crazy and maybe a bit discomfiting how news plays out in real time on the social media?

As photos began to emerge we saw familiar places, a road that is part of our bird count territory, the same house next door to my folks, where their neighbor was killed last year and then just days later a car ran the stop sign and ended up on his home killing a young person too. The brothers and I hung out there all the time when we were kids.....

That chase ended in the ditch right there.

When we came in from chores the person alleged to be involved was pictured, once again on Facebook, plus on all the news channels in the area, and it was someone we have known since we were little kids. Someone who worked around our kids for years and years.

You feel the earth jolt a few degrees sideways when something like that happens, I can tell you.

I am hoping for a much calmer day today. I may cook and bone my turkey and put in gravy so I can have an easier day on Thursday. We'll have to see how crazy the day gets I guess.


lisa said...

You got a surprise, that is so nice! Can't wait to see the pictures. Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Cathy said...

Good grief.

That business about the car chase . .

I know just what you mean about the earth turned on its ear . . . Never a dull moment there at Northview.

Rev. Paul said...

As John Lennon famously wrote, "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." Still, some of the surprises are more jarring than others. Hang in there, my friend.

Jan said...

Much excitement. I guess I should go to Facebook more.

Jan said...

Much excitement. I guess I should go to Facebook more.

threecollie said...

Lisa, the same back at you and thanks!

Cathy, knowing the person involved....or thinking we knew her...and then finding out even more disturbing details later. goes to show you never know what is happening with other folks even if you think you do.

Rev. Paul, oh, we are fine, thank you, just shocked, more so as more details emerge. just when you think you know someone.

jan, Facebook's where it's at. lol