Saturday, November 17, 2012

Silver with a Splash of Red


Having a welcome spell of cold, dry weather..well, the cold isn't all that welcome, but the dry surely is. Still the boss got badly and serially stuck in the mud the other day trying to chop the last of the forages, so that is not so good. Sunrises are pretty anyhow. Pic above was taken at dawn and only cropped a little. It was still too dark to tell who the heifer is, but she looks kind of chilly.

Every morning every twig and blade of grass is frosted silver; every footprint leaves a trail across the yard and every kitty stands out like a stop sign. They are quite entertaining when they try to drink from the garden pond, which is skimmed with ice these days. It is just thin enough to dampen their paws and they don't think much of that.

Opening day of the southern deer season here. I expect plenty of fallout from that, especially with only the boss home these days to keep an eye on things. We're feeding the stock in the close pasture this morning instead of letting them up in back. Never can be sure that some folks can tell golden Jersey cows from brown white-tails. Oh, well.....

Missing our boy quite a lot even though he is living home....sort of...he is working a job that calls for six ten-hour days a week, welcome in terms of having a job while so many don't, but he comes home at night, staggers to bed and is gone before we get up in the morning.

And now he has to work Sundays too, making for weeks rivaling farming in the summertime, only spent somewhere else. I'm glad he has work though and not getting the hours cut or anything.

Finally got some bird seed yesterday, although I haven't put it out yet. Still, I was cleaning Nick's crate...old age is causing accidents...and a glorious male cardinal came so close to the office window I could look right into his eyes. He seemed wild and yet as warm and friendly as a pair of wool socks. Of course when I grabbed the camera he broke off our staring match and pumped off across the frosty yard, but what a delight.

Today is Dad's birthday, if you see him, wish him a happy....Happy Birthday from all of us dad, love you.

And this story made my morning. Go, read, laugh, and celebrate the Second Amendment.

HT, Jeff at Alphecca


dickiebo said...

Go, read, laugh
I did, I did and I did! lol

Cathy said...

OK.. . I'm laughing and scratching my head. " . . police can’t say for sure yet whether the incidents are related . "

Huhlowww ?

Love your cardinal encounter :)

Cathy said...

P.S. Happy Birthday Dad !!

Jan said...

Her guns were definitely larger than his.

threecollie said...

dickiebo, it just killed me! I read that she recognized him in a photo lineup so I don't think his troubles are over yet either!

Cathy, yeah, I saw that too. Too rare for such crude justice to be served. I loved it. Loved the cardinal too. he was SO close! And looking right back at me. Had a ball yesterday looking for a stray heifer. got into a large mixed feeding flock and pished because I couldn't tell what some of the participants were. Song sparrows flew at me from all over like bullets. they sure are nosy little birds! And thanks for the birthday wishes.

Jan, yep, she was better armed indeed. lol