Friday, November 16, 2012


The moon was a bit frisky last night

The world is tiny. 

Really it is. Liz has been working with her bosses the past few days bringing some of her milk-inspecting skills up another notch, and in the course of chatting mentioned my parents and their current activities.

I say current because the folks have done so many things over the years...they have several claims to fame. Dad started out collecting antique guns, opened perhaps the coolest antique store in history (although I didn't think so when I was a little kid and had to be there every weekend), opened a book store, collected what we politically incorrect folks called Indian relics with the experts, took up gem and mineral collecting even into Canada, made all sorts of jewelry with the stones he collected and cut, even found one mineral that currently resides in the state museum collection, took up woodcarving and became a master of the art, at least in my opinion, did Christmas bird counts for decades, learned to bind books, had huge gardens, goats, veal calves, chickens, traveled all over the world for Clan Montgomery, winning clan tent competitions many times, and on and on....I am sure I have forgotten half a dozen things.

Currently they mostly go to gun shows with the books, but I wanted to be clear. (And don't get me started on mom. From painting, sewing things like formal square dance wear, cooking amazingly and sharing every single undertaking dad has found....yeah, my parents are cool.)

Anyhow, Liz and the nice gentlemen (whom I met and liked a lot) drove past the folks' house and Liz mentioned them. They got to comparing notes. 

Turns out one of the fellows has bought lots and lots of books from mom at shows over the years, knows them well, and calls her "the book lady."

Now, I ask you, how cool is that! They didn't have time to stop at the shop, but they are planning a return visit as soon as they can.


Dani said...

Cool is an understatement!!!

Alouise said...

I will anxiously await their return, but remember to dress warmly, we don't heat the trailer in the winter. (or late fall)
Love you daughter! See you Sunday!

Earl said...

Facebook is making me lazy, I want to click 'like'. Great parents, fine children - they call the product a family, to be proud of.

threecollie said...

Dani, I thought it was. I knew he attended the same shows as they do, but didn't know they knew each other.
And he didn't know that they have an actual shop so there were surprises all around

Mom, I think they will be bundled up....pretty cold out in the dairy barns too. lol. Love you too!

Earl, same here, where is that "like" button anyhow? lol

Cathy said...

Totally cool.

And that list of talents and passions is staggering and humbling (and supports my leanings toward emphasizing genetics)

Terry and Linda said...

Now that IS cool! I wish I had me some skills somewhere hidden!


threecollie said...

Cathy, they astonish me when I look back. Dad never did anything half way. If he joined an organization promoting something he was doing, such as mineral club, he was soon president and leading trips all over the country and Canada and such. He got me started birding, although I was born with the loving animals thing. I pale in comparison to them. lol

Linda, same here. I just sit back and watch. lol