Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Sent a cow and two heifers to the auction yesterday. Usually there is sadness when animals have to go. However, this time the cow was a really mean one. When she was young, she jumped on Liz's head and knocked her out cold.

The other day she attacked our finished beef steer and nearly broke his neck. It was gratuitous. He was in his stall just minding his own business and she ran up in with him and beat the heck out of him.

She wasn't giving much milk. We have some bills to pay. So....

Then this morning we were missing a heifer. She has gotten out with another Holstein heifer a couple of time before so we weren't real, real, worried until we realized that she was out alone. 

Cows rarely stray without a buddy. 

Deer season starts Saturday and she is red and black

We hear guns going off all day every day all around, including on our land.

Becky was all set to put on an orange vest and take her phone and go looking, when Liz saw her up behind the barn.

I really wish the deer would stop tearing down the electric fence in that field!


Cathy said...

Honest. I didn't know deer could be that kind of nuisance. I'm seeing them differently now.

threecollie said...

Cathy, Alan and his girlfriend went out and rebuilt the whole fence one day. Heifers got out. Boss went out to fix it and found the wires pulled for hundreds of feet...into the field, not out of it. Deer have no sense for fences. It has been fixed and fixed and fixed and they just keep tearing down the improvements. Dagnabbit.

Cathy said...