Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Aiming for Happy

We're supposed to get some sunshine today, which would be most welcome. I am much happier when he puts his face on us and beams down some comfort.  

Meanwhile Becky is off work for a week and she and I will have a fine time together. Last night it ended up that no one was here to put in cows and start chores but her and me. We are kind of looked upon as the weakest link in the chain but by golly, we got 'er done.

The cows crowd through the door as fast as they can to get to their stalls and their grain at feeding time. Think stampede. A couple of them actually canter down the barn alleys. With just two people, getting them locked up safely can be debatable. 

However, Becky went outside the door with a sorting stick and let in just six or seven at a time so we could manage them. Despite that, two ran up in the manger and galloped around...for some reason they have all been full of the devil lately...but we got em caught and got Monday into a different stall as Chickadee was lying half in hers. 

Doesn't sound like much I know but there are around forty of them all wanting to race in at once and all the heifers wanting to sneak in too and they are large and lately crazy as heck

Plus a heifer had broken two gates that serve as dividers so she can't step on the milk cows next to her. We didn't see this until we discovered that one was under her, and the other was all smashed up and the cow had it crushed up against her stanchion with her chest crammed up against it so she could eat. We managed to get everything cleaned up without even moving them.

Then just as we were starting to milk alone everybody came home, so although we were a bit late, chores got done pretty well.

I would like to know what has gotten into the cows lately though. If they don't calm down there is going to be coal in their Christmas stockings instead of second cutting.


lisa said...

Sometimes the weakest link is the strongest!

Jan said...

I can't imagine how strong the chain is if you're the weakest.

Cathy said...

Wishing you sunshine, Marianne.

These gray rain-spitting days get old in a hurry.

Could the cows have spring fever since it been so mild?

I think my maple trees are budding early.

WeldrBrat said...

We have the same situation with our Dexters behaving crazy in the evenings here. I'm thinking they know the winter is going to be wacked. We noticed it with our chickens. They quit laying eggs last January. This year, the cows seem to be acting odd. They run around after dark, like horses. Very unsettling.

Terry and Linda said...

Last night around mid-night, I was walking back from the kids when I saw a bat. Rather strange for this time of year and for how HORRIBLY cold we were.


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