Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chaos Anyone?

Got to the barn this morning to find that the wild heifer had broken all the pipes for the sump pump and flooded one el badly. And Chickadee, who was fine last night, eating, standing up, milking, chewing her cud, warm ears etc. was down and can't get up at all. We doctored on her with all we have, but I don't think she will make it. I think she tore a big hip muscle down somehow.

Liz recently made the painful decision to sell her old retired show cow, Mandy, which pinched us all more than a little. She and old Heather were enjoying something very few cows experience, which is to be retired on the farm after their milking days are over. However, Mandy is gigantic. Her backbone is about the same level as my head, the top of my head at that, a really, really big cow. She took to beating on all the other cows and all the heifers and really doing harm...not just a little pushy-shovey as is generally the case, but putting them right down in the mud and pounding the heck out of them.

Liz gave her weeks of chances to cut it out, but she just got worse. Of course the trucker, who generally doesn't come til noon or later, showed up while we were still cleaning up mess, doctoring Chickadee, finishing milking etc. And Beck had to get to her other job.

All in all it was about as crazy a morning as I have ever seen. We just ate breakfast at noon and there is still the flooding to deal with. Then the girls and I will milk alone tonight as the boss will need to go over to the sale barn to make sure that the cows we sell are the ones we get paid for.

Years ago we sent a huge cow...had to weigh 1700 if she weighed a pound...and got a check for a 900-pounder that was on the trailer with her. If the trucker doesn't tag them at your barn the only way to be certain is to go watch. I sure hope night milking goes a little bit smoother!


Rev. Paul said...

I still say that EVERYONE should be required to read your blog for one month. They'll never look at food of any kind the same way again.

Terry and Linda said...

YES! Everyone should read your blog for one month. I so agree with Rev. Paul...then they will know that food/milk is not an easy to come-by product!!!


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