Monday, December 17, 2012

Even Sundays

The redpolls have found us!

Can be busy, but I missed most of the fun. The girls and the boss milked yesterday letting me have my morning off back.

When they got to the barn they found that Baja had broken out of her stall and spent the night rampaging through the barn breaking other cows stalls and wreaking havoc.

While this had been going on, Chickadee had been having a big bull calf.

They got the clean up and repairs taken care of, all without my participation, which was nice.

The day was an odd one, with lowery purple clouds with yellow pockets hanging low and dripping on everything. All day they were spitting rain and sleet and that other four-letter weather word, which we don't mention around here. Area budgets don't appear to cover road care any more and I guess travel was out-of-proportion-to-the-severity-of-the-storm bad, with side roads and bridges just sheets of ice. Interesting how increasing taxes goes hand in hand with offering fewer services.

The crows spent the whole day cruising low, bombing hawks and raising the devil. There were hundreds of them and frankly, it was pretty darned eerie. Not to mention noisy

Blend, baby, blend, there are 3 here

Evening chores offered us ice-hardened walkways that looked as if they had been sprinkled with tiny diamonds. Very pretty, but it was a day that was good to be done with.


Ed said...

Fascinating birds, I've never seen them before..:-)

threecollie said...

Ed, they tend to be more northern, but some years they stop down. I am always tickled to see them