Wednesday, December 12, 2012


There is so little going on that I have to scratch my head to find something to write about. Which is fine I guess. Who needs excitement anyhow? We do the same thing in the same order every day.

Scotty butt. She is stalled next to Heather now and they match real well

We go to the barn in the morning. The boss grains the cows. We let the ones that stay outside in.

We set up the milkers, feed all the cats, and milk the cows. It is not a whole batch of fun because some of them manage to get themselves dirty whether they are in or out. They would prefer not to have their udders disinfected and washed off in this weather and they make their sentiments felt.

We feed extra hay to the fresh cows. We turn out. We feed everybody. We scrape the floors and the boss sets up the washers. Cows are put up the hill to eat on the wagon. We change gates if the tanker is expected.


The day work is cleaning stables and other mundane stuff. Maybe the boss gets firewood or runs to Glen for a box of paper towels or we fix something. Yesterday we managed to get the darned window that was opening itself every time the wind blew, raised up to its correct seven feet and nailed shut. House is much warmer. I do book work, which I hate, hate, hate, or write if I have a deadline.

It is busy, but boring in the telling....... Not all that boring in the doing though, actually. There is always some fool kitten climbing around on the milk pipeline catching cobwebs to play with, or that new Amish kitty, Flotsam, who thinks the hay rustling when the cows are actively eating it is a great toy. She is about the size of a ball of Kleenex (same consistency too) but she runs into the manger and grabs the hay right in their mouths and bats it with both paws. Funny as all get out but we are trying not to get too attached to her.

And so it goes....have a good one.Oh, and for drama, Ren ate Liz's camera yesterday. It was a nice Fuji, which I couldn't run, but she sure could. I feel sick for her. Darned dog.


Jan said...

Boring is never a word I would use for this blog. What you seem to think is a mundane day is fascinating to those of us in urban areas.

threecollie said...

Jan, thanks, sometimes I just can't think of anything to say.

Cathy said...

Jan took my comment!