Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Not Snow

Remember Summer?

For which I am quite grateful, thank you. It is rain however, and lots of it. Bring your buckets and tanks and take away all you would like.....we would be delighted to share. And if you want a special, fortified mud pack....well, I know where you can find plenty.

Gearing up for the Christmas Bird Count this weekend. I will get the map out today. Got the field guides all stacked up already. At least this year I am pretty sure where it is. You would be amazed how easy it is to lose things in this monster of a house.

Or maybe you wouldn't. I found the boy's favorite fleece pants just the other day. They had been missing quite a while. And we found my missing copy of a favorite youth novel just days after Becky bought me a new one...well, not new, but new to us.

We finally, after months of finagling, managed to acquire a jogging stroller for a certain incredible, amazing, spectacular and cute....did I mention cute?.....grandbaby. Now we just have to get it to her. Personally I can't wait, and I think the boss, whose project this was, is even more eager.

It is pretty cool to have baby stuff in the house, I'll tell you. Been a couple decades. Our own most recent baby drives trucks and drills big holes and fills them up and makes more in two hours than I do in a month of writing the Farm Side. With a baby to think about I sure had fun Christmas shopping, for the first time in a very long time. 

And, speaking of the Farm Side, it is ready for its final proofreading and then it's off to the editor. Guess I should get busy.


Earl said...

It is too, here anyway, good luck on your bird count. Gotta get outside and look aware, no sweat.

NumberWise said...

Just yesterday Mom and I were discussing how we miss having babies around. Lucky you!

Rev. Paul said...

Regarding your lack of snow, we're below average, too. But we have LOTS of subzero temps I'd be happy to share with you. Maybe our regions could average out near normal, that way.