Thursday, December 13, 2012


There was a star in the snaggle-toothed spruce last night. Right up in the top branches. it was all bright and mysterious and gorgeous, the frost made it twinkle and shine. I took a good look and went back to sleep. Too cold for stars and all they portend and too cold for me.

The microwave ran amok yesterday, simply turned on and merrily started running when no one was using it. Thankfully Becky and I were right there in the kitchen when it happened and thankfully we have the habit of unplugging such devices when not in use. It will be missed. It was a great, big old thing and you really can't get ones like it any more.

However, our boy went right down to Cobleskill last night and surprised us with a new one. I think the oldie had been on its way out for quite a while, because my coffee was the perfect temperature this morning for the first time in ages. No fanfare, no drama, just whir and beep, and there it was.... Nice. Thanks Al.

Liz is off to the far, far northern corner of the state for her work this morning so she came in and fed calves and gave the extra hay to the fresh cows long before the sun was up this morning. Something else to be thankful for as I won't have to let the cows out in stages so the fresh girls can eat. It will prolly save me half an hour. Thanks Liz.

Beck is home today, which is always welcome. She and I will probably clear off the dining room table, do some long-delayed dusting, and get out the nativity set. My grandma had one just like it when we were kids and how my fingers itched to get a hold of the donkeys and camels and that wonderful little babe and rearrange them all to suit me.

However, it was looky, no touchy, until a couple of decades back when I found the exact same set...well, not the same one, I believe that lives with my aunt, but one just like it anyhow....and now I can arrange it to my heart's content. If all goes well I will get to do so today. Thanks Beck.

So have a good day. Keep warm and stay positive. The frost is on the pumpkins (left over from Liz and Jade's wedding and sitting out in the yard) but there's fire in the wood stove and the sun is coming up over the heifer pasture hill.....time to shift and drift as Alan would say....or maybe in my case, toddle and trip.....


Dani said...

It really is the little things in life that make it so wonderful.

I didn't set our nativity set out this year. Last year Jiggy got a hold of little baby Jesus and now with the pups I don't even dare. hehehe

Cathy said...

We're in the midst of Christmas crazies here.

But I am truly grateful that I dropped by.

I wonder if you and I are looking at that same star . . or planet . . in the middle of the night.

Someday we'll exchange microwave stories . . like the one where my brother had to rip his off the kitchen counter while it smoked and threw it into a snow drift.

threecollie said...

Dani, i guess we will get ours out today.....You should exchange puppy stories with our Liz. So far this week Ren has eaten her camera and chewed the cord off her slow cooker. lol

Cathy, ouch! I will miss the old trouper, but this new one sure is slick.