Wednesday, January 09, 2013


I was scrolling through some blog entries from a couple of years ago....March as it happened...and realized, that even though it is only January with a lot of winter left, tax time looming, short of feed as usual, it is only a few weeks until things begin to change.

Right now we are deep in redpoll season. The yard is alive with juncos and goldfinches and  other winter odds and ends. However, in just weeks we will hear the first cheerful blackbirds, the first eager killdeer, the return of grackles and robins and all the other early birds of spring.

So, I am excited.

I am also excited that Beck has been elected to the library board of trustees. How cool is that? And she is chair of the Media Materials committee, which means she can suggest new acquisitions, something which she is often asked to do anyhow.

I am, alas, considerably less excited that our boy has been called back to NJ and NYC. He spent a number of weeks at a local job, which, although demanding, let him sleep at home at night. 

I liked that. He only left a few hours ago, but we miss him already.


joated said...

Every day we get a little more sunlight. That's another plus.

Good for Beck.

Good for Alan, too. The unions pay more for work in NYC/NJ, no? (Just hope his truck holds up!)

lisa said...

Tell Becky I am so proud of her! I came down to NJ today and I took care of your son for supper! It was nice to see him.

threecollie said...

Joated, we are also crossing all our fingers about that truck. He needs to get a new one, but he keeps getting laid off.

Lisa, thanks, I will. And thanks for looking after our boy. we miss him so much when he is gone.