Saturday, January 05, 2013

Great-Grandma Julianna's Christmas Tree

I never met my maternal grandfather's mother, Julianna, though I sure was fond of her son, my grandpa, such a fine and caring man.

This Christmas Mom presented those of her descendants who have their own homes, and thus their own Christmas trees, with ornaments from Julianna's tree. 

The photo is of one of her trees, complete with candles, and if you look very closely, ornaments like the one pictured. 
Mom thinks it was taken around 1905. This seems so special to me. I already have a couple of ornaments from my grandma's tree, and now this one from great-grandma's. Isn't that cool?


joated said...

Deffinitely cool!

Terry and Linda said...


threecollie said...

joated, I sure will treasure it

Linda, such a special gift!