Sunday, January 06, 2013

Morning Off with Heat

Have I bored you to death yet with our saga of heating or the lack thereof? If so, sorry about that. However, this morning to turn the furnace fan on and almost instantly be comfortable, was amazing. Showering without shivering....ditto.

Things have settled...dare I say slumped...into an equally boring routine around here. Not much to write about.....Same old feed the cows, milk the cows, shovel the result into the barn cleaner if they miss the gutter, and do it again in the afternoon.

They tend to illness more in winter than summer just as we do. So we doctor here and we doctor there. Some days it adds quite a lot of time to the twice daily chore routine, but it has to be done. Last night Liz's potential show calf, Cruise, was acting a bit like a colicky horse, kicking at her belly and trying to jump over the front of her stall. We diagnosed a belly ache.

She is of the Mandy family, and although outstanding milk cows and not too shabby in the show ring, they are dumb as rocks.

Maybe dumber. It is an endless management challenge just keeping them upright and taking nourishment. They are truly not smart enough to take care of themselves like ordinary cows and must be pampered and fussed with continuously.

Thus last night we had to cobble a new front on her stall, rendering such activities as injuring herself trying to outrun her sore tummy somewhat more problematic for her. And thanks to being out of the forty-pound bags of bicarb we buy for the cows, Beck had to go to the house and raid my baking soda to help her feel better.

The boss tossed a handful into her reluctant mouth and we gave her a pail of nice warm water. She is fine this morning, thankfully. She will prolly get over not wanting bicarb. Her mama, Blitz, and her grandma, Mandy, were always crazy about the stuff....they would eat a bag full if they could get to it.

So, not much happening, which is fine with me. Have a good one.


Rev. Paul said...

Reasonably quiet mornings are worth their weight in gold. Congrats again on having a functioning furnace!

Woodswalker said...

Your day of not much happening is like a week's worth of adventures for non-farm folk. I'm so glad you finally have a warm house. After 42 years living in our Saratoga house with the downstairs thermostat set at 58 all winter, we finally installed a heat source in the shower bathroom and I feel like I've gone to heaven.

Jan said...

I would think boredom would be welcome for you, but compared to my life it is still quite adventurous.

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul it is so nice! Sure puts a brighter complexion on the day

WW, I sure do understand that concept! We are thinking about installing a radiator in ours. It is hard to heat at the best of times

Jan, yeah, I am not complaining about it really, I just don't know what to write about that won't be boring to others.

Terry and Linda said...

You've earned it. There is something so nice about a boring and non-eventful routine!


Sandcastle Momma said...

I know you must be lovin that heat!! And you are never boring! :)