Thursday, January 17, 2013

New York Second Amendment Petition

If as a New York State resident you are concerned about the recent trampling of the Constitution, resulting in the criminalizing of thousands of law-abiding New York citizens, by their elected "representatives" during closed door sessions, you can make your position known by signing State Senator Kathleen Marchione's petition.

You will find it HERE.

Although Northview Diary has held a spot on the gun blog lists almost since it began, and indeed many of the nicest bloggers I have met, either in real life or via the Interwebs, arrived from there, I always felt like an impostor. My main focus has been and will continue to be farming, family, and the wonderful birds, animals, plants, and people that running our dairy brings us near.

However, the events of recent weeks have brought out the gun blogger in me I guess. How many amendments can a handful of well-protected politicians toss out the window to make political hay before people speak out? People worked hard to craft laws to protect the rights of Americans, resulting in documents that have served to do so for generations. Now a few spectacularly arrogant law-makers are hard at work tossing them out in as big a hurry as they can manage.

I see this petition as one way to let them know how many thousands of people noticed what they were up to and didn't like it much. 

Here's an interesting alternative to putting up with NYC legislators messing with your life.


NumberWise said...

I saw this yesterday, and I have signed it.

I think it's important for those who don't own guns (like me), but who support the Constitution, to get involved in this gun control issue. These gun control laws destroy our liberties in far-reaching ways.

Ruth said...


Earl said...

Well, you attract gun blogger types because you are great people, and aren't prone to make quick judgements about them without seeing their dogs or other animals.

Glad the people of New York are going to rise up and run them off to where they can drink their tears dry. Tell them California is calling, and to take the State Debt with them.

Good luck, if I were from New York I would sign, but I will just not visit the tourist traps.

Alouise said...

Thank you daughter for your stand. I signed the petition earlier. Kathy was at the gun show in Saratoga over the week-end promising to fight for the second amendment. Politicians don't listen to the people. They won the election, they think they are supreme. They have never heard of impeachment. It was only Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon who faced that.
Love, Mom