Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Nick Nack Paddy Whack

Hey, I'm not Nick, I'm Gil, and you never give ME any bread!

Give the dog his bread. Nick has become a very old man, 13, and showing it. He is pretty much blind, selectively, but effectively, deaf, he doesn't really recognize Liz a lot of the time, and he loves to bolt off down the driveway.

He has been lately getting thin and his coat wasn't looking the best either. He had kind of lost his appetite.......However, he has always loved bread. His excitement when someone reaches for a loaf is quite funny to watch. Puppy gambols around the kitchen, old-dog toe nails clacking, slab-sided, half-balanced, but all happy.

Thus every morning now, I give him a slice or two when he comes in from his morning peregrinations. It makes him happy and he has gained some weight and his coat looks better. After he gloms down his wheaty delight he trots into the dining room, wherein lies his bucket of dog food and eats that too. He has even gone back to stealing kitty kibble.

Bread isn't supposed to be terribly good for dogs, but I guess at his age I will let him decide what he likes. Therefore bread it is.


lisa said...

Poor Nick, I agree he deserves what ever he wants.

June said...

I'm with you. I bought Angus some "old dog" kibble and he didn't like it. So I went back to the "young dog" kibble.
He's sixteen and a half now. How much longer would he live with the old dog kibble? Four hours?

Ruth said...

There comes a point where you do what it takes to keep the animal happy and cheerfull, even if its not technically correct. I've been there with my older cat for a bit now.

Jan said...

After reaching a certain age we all deserve indulgences.

Linda said...

There was a guy around here that was 99 and still smoked like a chimney. His granddaughter wanted his doctor to make him stop. The Doc said "He's half my age and can probably still out walk me, let him do what he wants, he's earned it!"

Terry and Linda said...

13 is rather up there...so if he want to eat ice cream and candy so be-it!

Besides he is looking better for it all!


Caroline said...

Schnauzer here waits for the "dog pancake". The last one has always been for the dog that lives here, tradition started by my oldest daughter 35 years ago. Holler "dog pancake" and they all know exactly what the drill is.

threecollie said...

Lisa, this morning it was bread with BACON grease! He sure liked that!

June, exactly my thinking! We give old Nick pretty much whatever he wants. lol

Ruth, bacon grease on his bread this morning...a real happy boy!

jan, why, yes, we do, don't we. lol

Linda, lol, that is so right! He has earned it!

Linda, he has gotten much livelier since he has been getting his daily bread...which makes him all the quicker to run away. lol

Caroline, oh, I love the idea of the dog pancake!