Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Gowanus Dolphin

The story came through my Facebook news feed, wherein I subscribe to local and national news, farm sites, and the lives and times of good friends around the world.

I thought, wow, that looks exactly like the place where Alan is working. Sure enough....after a long day of his mom worrying because there were no phone calls or texts....I got to talk to him and it was right where he is. Some of the news stories even show the equipment he works with.

His first ever sighting of a dolphin. We were never able to take the kids to Florida or any of that stuff. What a shame that it had to end so sadly.

At least the broken phone, which prevented him from keeping me apprised of his progress towards home, has been replaced.

****Oh, and that red-tailed is not a red tailed hawk.....oh, well.


joated said...

The Gowanus Canal is listed by the EPA as a Super Fund site because it is so polluted with toxic substances. Poor dolphin never had a chance.

Maybe instead of worrying about fracking and guns and super-sized meals, Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo and President Obama should clean up stuff like this found in the freakin' middle of NYC. THAT would have a positive effect on peoples' lives.

threecollie said...

And maybe they should look there instead of freaking out every time a cow poops up in Delaware County where their watershed is.

Cathy said...

Just a big Hear! Hear! to you and Joated.