Thursday, January 10, 2013

There Oughta be a Law

Used to be a comic strip. 

Now it is the mantra of press, public, and legislative leaders every time someone, who is already breaking twenty existing laws, does something evil, egregious, tragic and awful.

Instead of lamenting the failure of enforcement, the failure of parents, the failure of the very fabric of our society, and the triumph of evil or even just willful stupidity, everyone screams, "There oughta be a law!"

After all, we have hundreds, thousands even, of legislators, sitting around with nothing to do but write new laws....and we are paying them aren't we?

And so somebody crafts one, folks lobby for it on Facebook, and it is passed, either to fail because of lack of enforcement, or even the utter impossibility of enforcement, just like the laws which existed at the time of the nefarious deed, which didn't stop it in the first place.

But everybody goes home feeling good.

The folks doing all the hollering for new laws have done nothing to prevent future instances of whatever crime horrified them. Drunks will still drive under the influence. Monsters will still kill.  There are some people that all the laws in the world won't stop. We call them criminals. Jails stop them at least a little.....until someone lets them out....but laws don't.

After all, have you noticed how well the prohibitions on illegal drugs have worked?

But folks feel good, so all is well.

All too often these feel-good laws impinge on the rights of decent, law-abiding citizens, and remove the protections that our nation's landmark of laws, the Constitution, granted them early in the history of our nation.

But no one really learns history in school any more and certainly very few read it for the lessons it can teach us about mistakes that went before and really should not be repeated.

People with substance abuse problems and a lack of personal responsibility in their make up won't wake up with it tomorrow just because of a new law. New gun laws don't remove guns from criminal hands. They will keep theirs while the law-abiding are handing them in........Ask Australia about how their crime rates declined under their own strict new gun control measures.

But go ahead, make new laws that only affect the law-abiding, who never broke the laws already on the books, but who will feel the noose of pointless legislation choking off their rights as Americans.

After all, we want to feel good, don't we.


Earl said...

Forgotten, in History, it is the strong that make the government, the People made this one, and then stayed home to have a life and loves other than government --- the government gets very like the first stages of cancer, you don't want to know, are in denial, and finally will cut it away, burn it and poison yourself until the cancer dies.
But the battle between good folks and those that want their attention is constant.

Cathy Monroe said...

Wonderful post. If only those responsible for the laws could read and understand it.

joated said...


NumberWise said...

Exactly! You have said it all so well.

It's obvious that the facts (as in the article you linked) don't support gun control to make us safer, and I'm sure our legislators (I use the term loosely) know this as well. I have to conclude, then, that our government's purpose for gun control is the same as it was for Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, et al.

But the Obamaphones ring, the food stamp card is reloaded, the Medicare payments are made, the teachers get a raise, the guns flow to Syria, the grants are bestowed, etc., so all is well - for today. I sure fear for tomorrow.

Rev. Paul said...

Amen! Very well said, indeed.

threecollie said...

Earl, the worst of it is, to me at least, what amounts to the abrogation of the Constitution via executive order. All our protections against any and all government excess are gone. What does that leave us?

Cathy, thanks, alas I wonder if any but a handful of people get what is going on now...

Joated, thanks

NW the people in Washington terrify me. Even the ones who don't have an anti-American agenda are so out of touch with the rest of the nation they might as well be living in Narnia

Rev. Paul, thanks, I had been reading some utterly illogical stuff posted by some people who are smart enough to know better and it just got me going.

Jan said...

California has 800 new laws starting the new year.