Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yup...Still cold

Gorgeous day. Brilliant sun reflects off wind-polished snow. Windows glitter with curls and bouquets of frost flowers, sharp and faceted....gems of all colors.

The vacuum pump was frozen when we started milking. Set us back a good half hour. Major effort going to be needed  to keep it warm tonight, as it will be colder still.

Heifer hose was frozen, so has been taken down, taken apart, tucked in the milk house to thaw.

Skid steer wouldn't start. Battery charger and patience being applied even as we speak. Meanwhile cows are getting a few of our remaining square bales, as no one is going to be rolling round bales up the hill and into the barn without it. Despite the difficulty of pushing the round bales into the barn and the challenge of unrolling them and sharing them out, I love feeding them because every cow and calf gets a great big pile of long-stemmed, fragrant, summer hay. It is a joy to watch them eat it and to smell how good it is. Our hay guy does an amazing job!

And it really is a beautiful day. The sun is bursting in through the window over the sink, turning Aunt Ann's wandering Jew into a rainbow of green, red, and purple. Orange geraniums nod happily against the icy panes and there are warm sunspots on the floor. If that darned Pumpkin cat stayed in the house, she could be sleeping on one right now..

The boss came in to tell me to stay in where it is warm while he deals with all the stuff...but I think after the milk truck picks up...if that started today...I will go out and work anyhow.


Linda said...

The joys of winter!

Cathy said...

Great frost flowers. I'm always amazed and delighted when these turn up on a frigid morning.

lisa said...

I don't have to milk but it sure was a cold morning for the chores I do have!

threecollie said...

Linda, yup. Mostly in it's demise., lol

Cathy, thanks, it was kinda dark yet so they didn't come out quite as I liked, buy not too bad.

Lisa, nasty!

Terry and Linda said...

As Linda had posted on her FB page...winter is not a season it is an occupation.