Saturday, February 09, 2013


The worst of it. Guess to the east of us they really got nailed. We had family on the road all day, roads were awful, accidents everywhere. Really thankful to have everyone home at least for a couple of minutes.

I think we probably didn't get much more than seven inches...maybe eight, hard to tell because it is blowing around so bad. It started about seven last night and it's over now except for the wind, which is quite enthusiastic. Snow stuck in the oddest places, the way it will when it snows really hard and fast...pointy little snow cones on the connectors on the swing set, snow jackets on every sumac spike.


They will all be gone in a few minutes because the wind is really kicking up. Guess it's supposed to hit forty on Monday. That will be interesting.


Terry and Linda said... to get out there and do chores in that. 8" is still lots and with biting wind miserable!


Rev. Paul said...

I'm sure you already know, but dealing with the wind is a matter of dressing in layers, with a wind-proof outer layer. The trick is not being too warm, to avoid perspiration which then chills you when you go back into the wind.

Up here there's a saying: "Cotton kills. Wear wool."

Cathy said...

Oh my gosh.

That birdy pix is so sweet.

Is it a chickadee?

So glad you're all safe.

threecollie said...

Linda, it sure seems bent on reminding us that February is still winter. More storms forecast for this week. Oh, well....

Rev Paul, Oh, yes! It takes me half an hour to get all the layers on in the morning, even for indoors, as our house is rarely very warm. Our weather is more forgiving than yours so I can get away with some cotton, but a down vest under a polar fleece pull over is necessary even inside the barn. I am looking forward to shorts!!!!

Cathy, yes, he was so windblown that he wouldn't even look at me even though he was very close.