Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Sometimes I think February should be outlawed. There are always a few teasing hints of spring, a scent of grass and earth during a short thaw, jingling music of icicles singing their song from the eaves, a single white-crowned sparrow hanging around and darting in for sunflower seeds every couple of days.

However, February is very much not spring, and mostly just slogging slowly through winter with little hope for it. For every thaw there is a swift plunge to single-digit midnights. The stars are as big and bright as cotton balls stuck on a dark blue canvas, but it is too cold to hang around watching them for long.

There is however, Valentines Day, which although very much a faux holiday these days, does feature chocolate. And every now and then you get a sunny day like yesterday, wherein, although all that could go wrong did, it all seemed to breeze right by because the sun was shining and the wind wasn't blowing.

Dried off two of my favorite cows last week. There are some that when their annual six weeks or so off from work rolls around, you swipe the back of your hand across your forehead and sigh with relief. Not so much with Carlene and Bama Breeze, hard-working, good-natured little girls who are for the most part a pleasure to milk.

They stand side by side in the barn, so we will just skip right on by them with the milking machines, no reason to go up in those stalls atall, atall.....except maybe to give ol' Bama a scratch now and then. She sure loves attention.


Sandcastle Momma said...

Hubby was just saying yesterday that he hates Feb and wishes he could sleep until Mar 1st lol We don't have the cold you do but we have a LOT of gray days this month. It would be nice to fast forward to spring!

Cathy said...

Where to begin.
"There is however, Valentines Day . . . which does feature chocolate."
I am so with you on February. It helps that it's our son's birth month.
I always tell him that right around the 17th I hear the titmouse starting his spring call. Hope is in the air. Just no spring.

Rev. Paul said...

The only thing February brings here is the knowledge that break-up (y'all call it Spring) is just two or three months away.

Terry and Linda said...

The only thing February gives me is hope of spring...It has to come...it's closer now, not three months away, like when we hit November. We hope to start farming in 6 weeks...when we start farming it's spring to me.


June said...

I'm doing my best to sleep through February whenever my upright body isn't required to be somewhere away from home.