Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Farm Life Interrupted

By a major barn flood.

Caused by a defective valve in a water bowl. Said valve was brand new and just installed the night before.


We are talking serious mess here. A good part of the day has been spent running stable cleaners, sweeping water and putting down sand and dry bedding. 

Therefore, in lieu of meaningful conversation, here are some moonscapes the snow was kind enough to provide, with a little help from his brother, the wind.


Cathy said...

Hang in there!

I think I'd be having a word with the manufacturer of that valve.

The moon drift pictures bring to mind the HoneyMooners and Jackie Gleason when he got ticked.

"You're going to the moon!"

Terry and Linda said...

OH! MY HEAVENS! I am sooooooooooo sorry!


Rev. Paul said...

Not the best time to have a flood, but then I guess there never is. Sorry, folks.

NumberWise said...

That's especially tiresome when you also have to pay for the wasted water! Yucky chore.

reginag said...

Im still proud of you.


WeldrBrat said...

That's enough to make me feel grateful for carrying troughs in during storms. So sorry. If you decide to hit anybody with a bill, remember this... Plumbers demand your first-born when they have to come during after-hours, weekends and holidays. Nail 'em! ( It might take some of the soreness away. )

threecollie said...

Cathy, the boss took the whole lot of them back where he bought them and got replacements, but this has been an ongoing problem. They cheapened up the manufacture of them and they are junk. As they are brand specific to our water bowls we are stuck using them.

Linda, thanks. It kinda stunk, but it didn't really take the boss and me as long to clean it up as I thought it would.

Rev. Paul, thanks, wish we could get better valves for those darned bowls.

NW, you betcha! I looked at all that icky, brown water and saw dollar signs drifting out the door.

reginag...thanks, I think

Weldrbrat, I like the way you think! Sadly the valves come like that from the factory. They changed something about the way they make them and they stink to put it mildly. Our farm store is great about exchanging them, but exchanging a bad valve for another potentially bad valve is an exercise in futility and we can't afford to change out the bowls for another brand. Dagnabbit.