Monday, February 04, 2013

The Peanuts were Right

Somewhere on Facebook, over the past few days, someone I follow, alas I can't remember who, posted about a little contest their flight crew put on for their entertainment.

Seems they put colored peanut packages in the aisle at take off, each one representing a Super Bowl contender, and whichever one went the farthest the fastest represented the team that would win.

They said the peanuts hadn't been wrong a single time in the six years they had been racing.

And, I am here to tell you, they got it right again.

Only watched one play in the game. I'm sure you know which one. I was reading, but the boss made sure to get my attention.

And I missed the God Made a Farmer commercial, because I went to bed. Dagnabbit. However, I swiftly remedied that situation this morning when I saw it all over the walls of just about farmer and rancher I know on Facebook. 

Even though I have seen depictions of the same Paul Harvey story several times over the years, this one still brought a tear to my eye just the same.

A big thank you to Dodge for airing this. I am not sorry that all but one of the vehicles that park here at Northview bear that emblem. We've been driving Dodges for decades.

Now I have a question for you. Agriculture has been fighting malicious and negative press from all sides over recent years. It has changed the way we all do business and put some of us right out of business. How can we send an expression of thanks to the Chrysler company? Besides buying their trucks I mean.....

Oh, and you can help support FFA too. Right here

Here it is if you missed it:


dickiebo said...

Luv the video. Have stolen it, but I have acknowledged it as coming from here. Thanks.

threecollie said...

It's everywhere Dickiebo, glad you enjoyed it.

Susan said...

Well, I don't watch football, so I missed it. But thanks for the YouTube video! OMGosh...I wish you had warned about this being a tear-jerker. I'm glad this is getting lots of attention.

My dad was a farmer with a 140-acre "plot" until I was 8 and we moved to Florida. There, my dad supervised flower and produce farms. I'm proud to have "farmer" in my blood.


Cathy said...

This video is beautiful and yes, you have to fight tears.

What I don't understand is how the YouTube like/dislike tab indicates huge approval, and yet, there are hundreds of disgruntled viewers.

Go figure.

Terry and Linda said...

It does make one proud doesn't it. I had several emailed to me this morning. We also have Dodges...and right up there in the Thank you part, should be ranchers.


lisa said...

It was a pretty awesome commercial. I also liked the Clydesdale one also! that was a pretty awesome one.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I'm not sure what can be done to thank them but I sure pray this commercial will show America just how important our farmers are.
Thank you and yours for being "made on the 8th day"

Sandcastle Momma said...

I'm not sure what can be done to thank them but I sure pray this commercial will show America just how important our farmers are.
Thank you and yours for being "made on the 8th day"

Sandcastle Momma said...

Don't know why this posted twice but it's worth saying twice lol

WeldrBrat said...

I think the BEST way this entire country could thank Farmers is by cutting out all the political paranoid 'creative job security' - and letting every farmer sell the products they produce from their own market stands, on site, without any 'regulations.'

Maybe that would 'free up' the FDA enough that they could manage to protect us all, for real, from all the crazy stuff coming in on food from other countries.

threecollie said...

Susan, I know just what you mean. Things are getting pretty bad for small dairies and I am reaching the point of wondering who I will be if we have to sell the cows....

Cathy, the comments are weird, just weird. I don't get them

Linda, you betcha! I think a lot of the folks were ranchers...the one family around the table are beef folks from Montana. Guess they just went with the words of the original poem.

Lisa, same here. The Clydesdale ones are always great.

Scmomma, thank you!

Weldrbrat, they certainly should focus more attention on imports! The government just cut site inspections on plants that export food to us to one every THREE years!!!! They inspect us right here on the farm at least six times that often, not to mention Federal ratings checks and rechecks. Absurd!