Thursday, February 07, 2013

Weather Breeder

Yesterday's cold, bright sky

Sunrise had that cold, old bruise look, kind of yellow and purple, and sagging as if too tired to hold itself up. I could sympathize. This season is so draining.

I had to go out and hunt down the old dog after I let him out. Sometimes the door is elusive to an elderly fellow with old dog vestibular disease. At least I found the canvas so the boss can cover the wood. It is really counterproductive to fill the stove with snow along with the hickory and cherry.

The moon was a stingy, secret thread of crescent, barely noticeable among the crows pouring like pepper out of the east and southeast and slowly sallying west to forage.

They were so quiet. Usually a crow lets you KNOW, but they were bent on business this morning and made no more noise than cardboard cutouts tossed willy-nilly into the sky.

It all makes me very nervous. There is a potential for very serious weather coming this weekend. I would be thankful if you held good thoughts for our boy trying to come north and home tomorrow, Liz on the road all day in her beat up old truck...although not for long....a nice story of kindness there, and all those who have to travel in such weather as is predicted. The weather folks are even predicting a blizzard for NYC.

Our boy is going to be working in our nation's capital for a month starting this weekend and there is glumness all around. Otherwise he would probably just park it in NJ and wait out the storm.....It will be a sad thing if he can't even make it home for the weekend before he has to head south for so long.


Susan said...

You made me laugh out loud with snow in the stove being counterproductive. I notice you are "waxing poetic" more than usual today. I like it.


Keith Wilson said...

Your writing is so poetic, so beautifully descriptive that I have to read it more than once to experience and visualize what you have written.

I give you permission to quit your day job and become a full time writer. Your writing deserves a larger reading audience....

Your descriptive writing allows us to experience everyday things in a very different way.

Cathy said...

I can't improve on that Keith Wilson's comment, except to say thank you for bringing us along as you search for canvas and watch the sky.

Yes, we'll be sending warm thoughts for you and the family.

Our son has to make it back to NH from Texas. Hopefully by Sunday the airports will be open.

lisa said...

I am not looking forward to the snow, but it is one of the things we have to put up with in the north east. Hope Alan makes it home. I worry about Matt, also.

Terry and Linda said...

All the internet news is saying you will be in for it...magic thought and prayers and fingers crossed for everyone to stay and be safe and to get home in fine shape!


threecollie said...

Susan, thanks, not as much of that in the winter I guess...perhaps because I really hate winter,. lol I should move

Keith, thank you sir! Coming from you that means a lot. Actually I am playing around with yet another thing...won't call it a book yet..and having enough fun with it that maybe I will stick to it.

cathy, thank you! I will hold good thoughts for him. We are hoping Alan gets let out early today so he can maybe beat the worst of it home. I worry....

Lisa, me too! Wish they were both home and safe already

LInda, thank you! You take care too...I hope you are feeling better