Friday, February 01, 2013

Winter Debate..Cows in Cows Out....

If we let the cows out each day we don't have to manhandle the big round bales into the barn, unroll them, and feed them out. The boss uses the skid steer to put them in bale feeders and they go outside to eat them all by themselves.

Of course there is a certain amount of work in turning them out and putting them back in. And there is always the possibility of the barn freezing while they are outside. Still they like to go out and we like to let them.

However on some mornings it is just too icy for them. Today the boss had a bale up and  ready to put in the feeder. He got off the skid steer, looked at me where I was holding the gate, and shook his head.

"They can't go out on this," he said. 

Too slippery.

So he dropped the bale into the barn, the girls unrolled it, and we all fed it. While we were at it we put the night bale inside and split another one up between the pens and the yard cattle so everyone is fed for the day and ready to go for tonight.

Got a cow bred and buttoned everything up so the boss can go over and pick up our beef. Sure looking forward to that after having an empty freezer for so long.

FYI family members.....meatloaf tomorrow.


Terry and Linda said...

Real beef...not store bought...yummm!

I love shopping in my freezer!


Cathy said...

Even the sparrows are skating around on my birdbath. The heater barely keeps a dribble ice-free in this frigid weather.

It's got to be tough making that call . . given the extra work and the fact of the cows wanting a change of scene.