Monday, March 11, 2013

As if by Magic

Up until and including Saturday there was nothing going on in the world of local birds.

Oh, the word is that there are bald eagles nesting up in the western part of the county and we certainly see them fairly often hunting down on the river.

However, there were simply no signs of migrants, not even a robin left over from last fall.

Then yesterday morning there was a different feel in the air. An exalting brightness, a sneaky bit of true warmth, without the underlying chill that is the norm this time of year.

And there were birds. I went out at dawn with the camera to find grackles patrolling urgently up and down the sky.

A mid-morning hike up through the old horse pasture yielded the eager screams of killdeers, whole flocks of them, and an alarmed robin making a lot of noise in a mulberry tree.

Something sang an unfamiliar song from the old ash in the front field. A closer look revealed a junco....I don't think I have ever heard one sing before, although their chip notes are quite musical.

This morning walking the dog before the sun had even touched the horizon...thank you Daylight Savings time...the killdeers were already busy shrieking back and forth in the heifer field.

It was as if a magic hand had scattered them for my enjoyment, like stars only noisier.


joated said...

Lovely words: " stars, only noisier."

As more snow melts and fields become exposed, expect the twilight/evening "peent!" and twittering flight of the Woodcock. Any. Day. Now.

Woodswalker said...

Oh Marianne, you always find the perfect words to exactly express such moments of joy. Thank you, thank you!

Shirley said...

Our Gold Finches are gone, maybe they will show up down at your place. We still have lots of Redpolls and thousands of Red Winged Blackbirds. It is very musical here!

Rev. Paul said...

Lovely words, indeed.

We've heard only one lone songbird so far, in spite of temps that were 10 degrees above normal for the last week. Yesterday, we got another 5" of snow, and temps today are back into the low 20s. Mr. Songbird hasn't been heard since.

But I love it when you wax poetic!

Cathy said...

Beautiful. Beautiful.
We had the same kind of day . . we were stumbling out-of-doors in disbelief at the renewal of warmth and life

I heard one killdeer flying somewhere in the distance.

You are blessed.