Saturday, March 30, 2013

Did I See a Sturgeon?

I don't know. I saw something, huge and whitish leaping on the top of a stream down along the Hudson, down near NYC. They do occur in NY. They do run in April. They do jump. I really think that is what I saw just at dusk yesterday.

Did we see a fish crow? Why, yes we did. right over the Stewart's parking lot in Saugerties. We were just getting into the car....i have been teaching myself to recognize the call once I discovered that they are found around here. Not a lifer for me, as I saw them in Florida when I was younger than Alan. It was a lifer for him.

Did we see a piebald deer? Yep, also at dusk in the fields behind West Point.

Did we visit the Northeast's largest human puppy mill? Yep. If Amish farmers kept dogs the way they keep people in NYC the animal rights groups would be up in arms all over the place.

 Did I reach a conclusion after this experiment? 


First of all we live in paradise. We may be broke, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and never quite catching up, but we live in paradise. I don't know that I ever want to leave home again.

And the old saying is true. You can take the farmer's wife out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the farmer's wife. Spent just a little short of twelve hours in a car, trying to do some business in one of the world's largest cities...passing landmarks known around the world as if we were driving on a giant Monopoly board. Seeing hundreds of buses, millions of people, and billions of taxicabs, usually two inches from the window.....

And all I could talk about all the way home was the crow, the sturgeon, and the really cool spotted deer.

If I never go south of Saugerties again it will be all right with me.


joated said...

Sounds like you had a nice trip. Lots of nature to seen (human and otherwise). Like Dorothy, however, you've reaffirmed that there's no place like home.

Rev. Paul said...

What joated said. We're right fond of Hawaii for vacations, once away from the crowded parts ... but have ZERO desire to ever live anywhere but Alaska.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about Los Angeles and wonder how people live that way.

Cathy said...

"First of all we live in paradise."


And the older I get . . . the less desire I have to see the world.

12Paws said...

Well believe it or not, for the second time, "exactly what Cathy said." I live in the Thumb of Michigan in a farming area & "dream" of traveling, but then I'd have to leave my 12Paws (3 part maine coon cats--much loved).

threecollie said...

Joated, it was a firm reminder that I am a country girl through and through. I was so darned tired it took me two nights to sleep up from it. lol

Rev. Paul, we saw a lot of beautiful country...the Catskills in particular...but the parts of the city we drove through were the underbelly for sure. I didn't like it much.

Jan, it is mind boggling....easier to understand drugs and general mayhem after a short visit.

Cathy, you betcha! Got all the "world" I need right here at my fingertips, and all the beauty I could ask for right outside the window.

12Paws, so glad you stopped by and thanks for taking time to comment. There are places I would like to see again...Florida's swamps and beaches, the canals in Georgia where I added so many life birds when I was younger. Our trip to the city though was really disappointing in a big way. We had hoped to have a couple hours to bird some bodies of water, but the traffic delay put paid to that. Oh, well.