Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring

Before the snow

Is pretty much all about the calendar up here, and totally unrelated to weather. Once or twice over the years I've been farming with the boss we have had actual spring by the time official spring arrived. Not often though.

Just before my brother was sent to Korea by the military he worked a few weeks with us and we had the seeding in well before official spring, the fences built, and we thinking about getting at the corn. That was before he married Lisa and had the daughter who is well into her college career so....

Last year was an early year and we loved it.

So far this year, Becky and I have checked half of one pasture fence. It was muddy beyond belief and hard even to walk and the ground was still frozen.

Now there is a foot of snow out there. I suppose you can build fence in the snow. I'm sure people do so somewhere. However, it is going to have to wait a while here at Northview.

The best time, I think, is after it thaws and dries out a bit but before the black flies hatch to raise heck with your ears and eyes....gonna be a while I guess.

Meanwhile, Lucky, Scotty and Betty are getting ready to calve, which means lots of extra barn checks, lots of sand and extra bedding under them, and lots of worry.

Hopefully all will go well with them and then we can start to worry about Carlene.

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Cathy said...

Oh TC. If I say "Happy Spring" . . it seems pretty vacuous seeing how reluctant winter is to go.

So let me offer "Happy returning of the light.'
That, at least, is indisputable. Hope things go well with the calving.