Friday, March 01, 2013


Yeah, in February. Cut off all the old indoor lettuce plants for a treat for the peacocks. They love the stuff, but it had gone too bitter for my taste.

Recycled one pot by setting it in the sink to soak up water for several hours, putting in some fertilizer and a layer of new dirt, then replanted it to Pinetree lettuce mix.

A few weeks and we'll have a nice new crop.

The other pot I gave the same treatment, but I am going to start a tomato in it. It is really too early to start tomatoes in our climate, but I will keep this one right in the big pot and grow it as a porch plant.

Then I moved house plants around to make room for my little radish crop under the big windows in the living room.

It was kinda satisfying in a vague, not-yet-spring sort of way.

This is not the best time of year....struggling with high feed prices while milk prices decline, forced to watch the clown show in Washington, scared to ship any beef because of the mess laying off inspectors is making of the price structure, yet needing the money they would bring. Little comforts like some good, clean dirt, and the scent of greenery, even if it is only spent lettuce are nice.


joated said...

Getting your fingers into some lovely, loamy soil this time of year and smelling that moist-earth perfume can be theraputic.

Dani said...

Hang in there girl. Spring is a comin'.

Cathy said...

It seems you've found the best therapy for this glacial time of year.
I'm in that kind of mood. Trying to let the promise of spring move me into action.
Hang in there. The cardinals have just started singing at dawn here. Spring can't be far behind.

threecollie said...

Joated, just the scent of the lettuce leaves...they don't smell like store bought....

Dani, and boy am I ready!

Cathy, seems late this year...or maybe it was early in recent years. Our cows are still not shedding and it is really, really late for that to start. Dogs aren't either.

Cathy said...

Dang, Marianne. This is getting so old. We haven't seen the sun in days. I truly can imagine how you long for a break in this bleakness.