Monday, March 11, 2013

Good News/Bad News

Preg checks today. It had been a while and I was really concerned about some of the cows, especially my favorite, Broadway, and Alan's little Bama Breeze. 

Fortunately our wonderful veterinarian diagnosed them both pregnant. In fact, Bama is several days overdue and not bagging, but I think she is okay. Probably got a big old bull that is planning on taking his time.

Lakota is in calf to Carnation Counselor.

My SWD Valiant daughter, Bastille, out of old Beausoliel, is pregnant.

Some of the news is not so good. Liz's Jersey Moments is not bred. Likewise her good cow Moon. Bailey didn't catch. Good news for Bailey is that she is still milking well.

Really bad news for a couple of the younger cows. They haven't done very well and several of them are not pregnant. There are bills to pay so they will have to go.

It is always nice to see our vet, even if it only at herd health. And I think today the good news well outweighed the bad.


Cathy said...

It occurs to me that the way your life flows in confluence with the lives of your herd, with their seasons . .

. . . it keeps you grounded in real time and at nature's pace. Perhaps the way most humans used to live. Not easy, but richly textured.

lisa said...

Well, I am glad the good news was better than the bad or close to it.

Terry and Linda said...

I always hated to see little cows leave the herd, but Terry was always firm...if they won't take, they can't is nice to pay bills, though.


threecollie said...

Cathy, I believe that you are right and ours is an old-fashioned way of life if you will. I also believe that a good long dose of it would cure a lot of what ails the world. Alas, that will never happen.

Lisa, thanks, me too.

Linda, one of the ones I kinda hated to sell. The other one was vicious. She kicked Alan in the head twice and in the neck and nailed him with the "kickers" when he tried to use them. I was scared spitless of her and had to call Ralph to milk her for me. I miss her like a sore tooth.