Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Marching Along Step by Step

Speaking of determined.
Pumpkin was determined to get into the house
Get me to open the fridge
and give her this hot dog,
which she determinedly demolished

We are marching slowly through March these days, ever determined, if always doubtful. Been scrambling to buy hay, yet still get the bills paid, ever grateful to our hay guy who has had people offer to pay more for hay he saved for us, and has turned them down. We would really be hurting if he weren't such an honorable man.

Meanwhile we are missing our boy so much it is hard to even talk about it. I know there are young men away from home for much more dangerous reasons than just a good job in a distant city. However, we have always all been close and his absence nags through the day,  an unhappy hole in the fabric of life, which is filled a bit thanks to cell phones, but still....I am lonesome for him. His birthday is coming up....and he will not be home...

And Liz's young husband is facing surgery late in the month and could use your prayers. He is a good boy and in a lot of pain. She is working two jobs to support them, while getting him to doctors' appointments and taking care of him and is getting pretty frazzled, poor kid.

If you had been wondering about Nick, the wonder dog, he is doing very well. He has gained back a lot of the weight he lost and is happy to noodle around outdoors, sniffing the tracks of the animals that passed in the night. Although I know he is on the downhill slope I am grateful for this good time with him.

 He is such a funny old guy. Deaf as a post, so I have to use my shepherd's whistle to get his attention up on the lawn. Then when he finally hears me he throws up his head and willingly lallops on down, all doggy smiles and tail wags. Such a cheerful old dog.

I can't tell you what a relief it was to have so many good cows checked pregnant yesterday. It was the first good news we have had in such a long time. With the boss giving me the calf Irish and the judge striking down that stupid soda ban in NYC and spanking King Bloomberg quite soundly in his decision, yesterday was the best in quite a while.

Now if we can all hold good thoughts for green grass.....


Anonymous said...

The whole country has been laughing at the soda ban. Glad there is a little sense in the world to guide us through rough patches.

Prayers for your kids and sweet Nick.

Susan said...

I had to google "soda ban bloomberg." Hmmm. I think Bloomberg's heart is in the right place, but the proposed law was way too arbitrary. I'm glad our government doesn't have the right to tell us what to eat and drink...or how much. Instead, we get to be the ones responsible for our health.


Woodswalker said...

I love how you notice the good things in your days, even when adversity looms nearby. Congratulations on all your new babies, and I'm glad you got the calf you loved most.

Terry and Linda said...

Sending Magic Thoughts your way for green grass...I know just how valuable and necessary that is!!!


Cathy said...

Yes, prayers for you dear son-in-law and his good wife. . and prayers for an early spring . . and green . . and birdsong.

And a smile for Nick :)

threecollie said...

Jan, thank you! The soda ban was sure ticking off the construction workers down there in the city. As if the men rebuilding the World Trade Center are too dumb to decide how much pop to drink!

WW, thanks, I stand and look at her, astonished that she is really mine....

Linda...JUST. CAN'T. WAIT! Thanks!

Cathy, thank you! How I wish the surgery was over. They have been messing around with different doctors rendering different diagnoses for months! And nobody doing anything except giving the poor kid cat scans and pain pills. LIz is about at the end of her tether.